We may say that we want abundance in our lives, but the question is, are you ready and willing to allow it to happen? Are you willing to have it all?

I was driving around town one day and was guided to tune into a Christian radio station that I never listened to. A minister was speaking about abundance. He asked if anyone had driven through the countryside after the harvest in the fall. Had they seen the barns and hay lofts stuffed with hay? He then made the point that this is what God intended for each of His Children…to be barns stuffed with hay, barns overflowing with abundance. He asked the listeners why they would not allow their lives to be filled with all that they need and want.

These are very important questions. We have the saying that abundance is our birthright, yet so many people struggle to find that abundance in their lives. It takes more than crafting a great vision to make one’s dreams come true. It also takes true desire, belief and the willingness to receive.

STANDING IN THE LIGHT® uses this quote from an unknown author…“Not only must one know what they want, they must also want what they want in order to get what they want.” When we open ourselves to receiving, we can have all that our hearts desire. When we open ourselves to receiving, we open ourselves to The God/Goddess All That Is and the unlimited abundance of this universe. So, are you willing to have it all?

Here are 10 keys to unlimited abundance… 10 keys to having it all!

1. Have the right vision. Having a clear vision is important for creating what you really want. However, a vision that is not in alignment with your highest good will not move you forward in your evolution. Ask, is my vision coming from my lower-self or from my God-Self? A misaligned vision is the #1 reason for failure to manifest.

2. Be willing to give. Giving and receiving are both essential to effortless manifesting. If your focus is entirely on what you will get, you will not only struggle, you will not find joy in the process or the end product. Willingness to give selflessly will open the energy flow for creation.

3. Be willing to do what is needed. No great idea comes into form without action. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, or just a little of it?

4. Be willing to stand in your truth. Everyone needs to find their voice. This is not as easy as it may sound. Can you speak your truth with compassion and understanding, yet stand firm in your beliefs when needed? Can you walk the talk and not just talk the talk? Are you trying to create what you want, or what someone else wants for you?

5. Create True Desire. Someone I knew some years ago said that you always have to “stoke the desire fire.” Can you not only get excited, but stay excited, about your vision?

6. Have absolute belief and faith. Anyone in metaphysics knows the Law of Attraction: like energy attracts like energy. Do you have the belief that you can really manifest your vision and the faith that you will follow through and make it happen? Do you trust your guidance/ God-Self to help you create your heart’s desire?

7. Love yourself. No matter how much you may want something, you must be open to receiving. Openness to receiving is directly connected to our level of self-love. You are worth it! Go for it! Allow it!

8. Maintain Divine Gratitude. The great masters never waited until what they asked for materialized. They always knew that if they held the first seven keys, that what they desired would come; therefore, they always gave thanks and praise when they set their intentions. Don’t wait until you have it to be grateful. Be grateful now. Be grateful for everything every day. This alone will bring more joy to your heart.

9. Allow ease and flow. Be ready to accept the changes that come with having it all, and let it be easy. Let go of any beliefs that you must “work hard” or “earn your way” or any other belief that blocks the ease and flow of creation in your life. You are designed to have it all, so let it to be.

10. Be joyful, no matter the outcome. There is an old saying, “This or something better, let it be.” You might not know what the “something better” could be; but, when plans go awry, look for the something better. There are reasons for everything that happens. Learn and move on…don’t get stuck in old dreams. Life has too much to offer to hold yourself back.

All you want is here, now. All The God/Goddess wants for you is here, now. Allow yourself the gift of receiving what is your divine birthright. Be willing to have it all…and to have it all, now.

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