Well…are you as bold as a chipmunk? Anyone who lives around pine trees, goes camping, or hikes has encountered these cute little guys and their tenacity. They will crawl through your groceries, jump on your boots, and beg for scraps. They remain cautious but rarely give up.

Camping in Stanley, ID

While camping for the last few weeks in Stanley, ID, we have encountered the boldest chipmunks in our camping and hiking experience. We are used to chipmunks, ground squirrels, and birds coming up to us to beg for food, exploring food containers, and going through the garbage if it is not locked up. However, these guys were outstandingly brave.

I was reading on the river bank, enjoying some cheese and crackers, and found a chipmunk in my lap! No joke. It jumped up on my chair and into my lap in a flash. I brushed it down with a laugh but less than 30 seconds later it was back. I communicated that it did not belong in this space but that did not stop it from staring at me with longing for my cheese.

My husband came out to read about 10 minutes later. The persistent little guy jumped on his leg and almost made it to the table before once again being swept aside. Some of you are thinking, how cute. Others of you are thinking, pesky little rodent! So, what is my point?

The Bold Chipmunk

Consider the size of a chipmunk compared to that of a human being. A chipmunk’s body is 4-6” long and weighs 1-5 oz. A human being is huge by comparison but the chipmunk is not intimidated. This tiny guy stares up at the giant, knows what it wants or needs, and goes for it.

A chipmunk is not foolish or imprudent. However, it is daring and courageous. It has a strategy and is quick to react and change course if necessary. The little guy keeps it eye on the goal and even the immense size of the task does not deter it from trying and trying and trying for what it wants.

On the other hand, human beings are deterred by an unlimited list of obstacles, some of them as small as a chipmunk. The point is not to be foolhardy or stubborn. It is, however, to be strong, courageous, and persistent in pursuing the highest plan for your spiritual evolution. When the goal is Oneness with Source, we humans can be easily intimidated. When fear creeps in, we need to remember the bold little chipmunk.

How Bold are You?

You know I am not saying it is easy to be strong, courageous, and persistent. However, we are on this spiritual path because we want to know the experience of our Oneness with Source once again. Surrendering to that experience takes strength, courage, and persistence. We have to face our fears. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go for what we want even in the face of what seems a giant task.

So, are you willing to plan a strategy and be ready to shift direction and recover quickly when needed? Can you keep going for what you want without being intimidated? Are you as bold, and tenacious, as a chipmunk?

Photo from pixaby.com