Control or command? In the illusion of third-dimensional consciousness, these two words seem the same. However, there is a difference for the spiritual master.

What’s the Difference?

To control is to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events; to determine the behavior or supervise the running of. Looking in any dictionary, one will find these synonyms: to be in charge, preside over, have authority over, oversee, steer, rule, dominate, be the boss, be in the driver’s seat.

To command is generally defined much the same but less domineering: to be put in charge, to have authority over. However, if one continues to search the definition of command beyond its military meaning, one will find to master a skill, talent, or situation. Examples would be to have command of a foreign language or command of technology.

So, are you trying to control people and situations to suit you or are you learning to be in mastery of yourself in every situation? Are you clinging to your lower-self’s wants and desires or are you willing to let go?

Moving from Control to Command

Moving into command does not need to be difficult. It is simply about paying attention and following the practices you already know how to do.

Obviously, you start by clearing the reasons and causes for the issues around control and focusing on the resonances that will take you into mastery. Start with these resonances at the divine level:

  • Love, Wisdom, Power (our Sacred Triangle)
  • Allowing
  • Detachment
  • Letting go
  • Command

Other helpful resonances might be Trust, Surrender, Hope, Living Mastery, and the Divine Plan. And, each of us will need our personal list from our Souls.

You are already well on your way. Just refine your energy and your skills of being in command instead of control. Pay attention to what you are saying and doing in each situation which will tell you what you need to clear. Keep climbing, Beloveds. We will all reach the top.


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