People around the planet are suffering from over sensitivity. My best view, of course, is what is happening in the USA. Americans are having their buttons pushed and they are pushing back with a vengeance. Both sides of any equation are hypersensitive to the point of extreme intolerance. Religion, politics, gender, race, and more are stretching us to our limits. Our nation is being sucked down by judgment, criticism, and self-righteousness instead of opening our hearts.

Spiritual students understand that this polarity is a sign that we are getting closer to circumstances that will bring about healing. We also know that the only one we can truly change is ourselves. This holiday season is a great time for some self-analysis on the path to Oneness.

Are you being overly sensitive? Are your buttons pushed easily and often? Do you want to punish those who offend you? Are you judging those who don’t believe as you do? Do you want to take away our freedoms of speech and thought and force others to conform to your beliefs and standards? Are you letting your kneejerk reactions settle in your heart or are you clearing them away?

As rising spiritual masters, our goal is raising our vibration to transcend the illusion of separation instead of succumbing to lower frequencies of the human experience. Our goal is healing the 3-D illusion and not allowing ourselves to fall into the illusion as our truth. This is not always easy given the energies of today’s world. However, if we don’t lead the way, who will? Are you ready to step up to the plate to face your sensitivities and heal them or are you stuck?

Healing Sensitivity

Being sensitive to other people’s feelings with compassion and understanding is good. However, being easily hurt or offended is not. Are you stuck in over sensitivity to what others think, feel, say, or do?

If you notice that you are offended or hurt by others, great! Now you know what buttons are being pushed and what needs to be healed. We know the goal is to reach the position of the neutral observer, to be in this world but not of it. However, until we have mastered that position, we will have issues to clear and our buttons help us with our healing. Understanding our sensitivity is a way of achieving mastery.

Spiritual students strive for full consciousness. One aspect of full consciousness is to be fully aware of yourself–what you are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing at all times. Are you perceiving and responding from your lower-self or from yourself as Source? Are you talking the talk or walking it?

Walking the Talk

A master:

  • Is tolerant of different, even opposite, points of view because a master understands that we are each at different places in our journey.
  • Does not judge others for their positions because each position holds some truth.
  • Listens to others because the master might just learn something.
  • Holds self-responsibility for his or her feelings because we create our personal realities.
  • Does not demand, or even expect, others to conform to his or her beliefs or behaviors.
  • Does not demand “political correctness” in any area of life because everyone is due their freedom of speech.
  • Knows the way to change the world is to model spiritual behavior because we cannot force others to change nor should we.

You know the drill. When you feel hurt or offended in any way, be aware of what you need to heal. If you are judging anyone or anything in any way, be aware of what you need to heal. Our job is not to decide who others ought to be or what they ought to do. We are each on our way back into the experience of Oneness. Focusing on our personal journeys and detaching from the illusion is the best and fastest way to heal ourselves and others.

Shine the light of your love. Heal your sensitivity and judgment. Allow yourself to be that beautiful master that you are.

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