There aren’t many things that can bring a smile to one’s face faster than watching wildlife babies in the spring. Several of us gathered on the roadside off Slumgulion Pass, CO to watch this sweet baby moose romp and play and nip at its mother for attention.

Unlike many human mothers who hover and over protect, wildlife moms are ever watchful, yet know the little ones must find their own legs and learn their way around the world if they are to survive. Mama moose calmly watched the small gathering of human beings, allowing her baby explore. Baby Moose fell into the stream, got tangled in old brush, munched on the sweet grass and seemed fascinated by everything. When occasionally distracted by the onlookers, baby moose quickly went back to business of play.

The innocence of children, from human beings to the animal kingdom, is superbly divine. It is also a quality that most adults need to re-cultivate. As we grow older, we too often allow ourselves to get caught in the details of life and forget to live.

The characteristics of Divine Innocence are qualities of a true Living Master. When one is tuned into the all-encompassing love of The God/Goddess, feels the joy in every moment and sees the perfection of life unfolding. A spiritual master lives in a playful state of awe and wonder, enjoying the magic and the mysteries that bring expansion, enlightenment and wisdom.

So…where do you rate on your innocence scale? How many blissful, childlike qualities do you exhibit and enjoy each day?

If you aren’t rating as high as you would like, try this exercise. Dedicate a page in your journal to all of the childlike (not childish!) qualities that you need to re-cultivate in your life. Next, write down ways to do that: behaviors that need to change, old habits to let go of and new habits to replace them, activities to stimulate the child in you, activities that excite and invigorate you.

Ask what you used to love doing as a child but do not do any more. Ask where you have become rigid instead of flexible. Ask your friends to help you. Then, go do these things!Baby Moose 2

Become a baby moose. Look at everything in your life as a wonderful adventure. See everything as new every day. Find the joy you did not know was there. If you have not seen the movie About Time, you might want to check it out. It is a new twist on an old theme. My friends and I give it two thumbs up for creativity and purpose.

As you find the child in yourself, help others find theirs. Be a model of Divine Innocence. Be a model of mastery in finding fascination and playfulness. Cherish the moment and know yourself as God.

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