The blowdown method can be scary. However, it is also a surefire method for creating change. When the winds have stopped, you keep what is standing, haul away the rest, and start rebuilding.

Hurricanes come with an advanced warning so one has at least some time to prepare. Tornados and flash floods can come with warnings but can also happen so quickly that there is little to no time to prepare. A blowdown from a microburst comes in the blink of an eye. No matter which “disaster” you encounter, change follows.

We can ease into change or we can jump right in and start running. The slower path is often the best path, but the blowdown method will certainly get us moving fast!

A Blowdown in Colorado

Several years ago, my brother experienced a top notch blowdown. A microburst of up to 160 mph winds swept down the eastern slope of the Sangre De Christo Mountains in southern Colorado. Massive white firs and Ponderosa pines were uprooted or snapped in two and debris flew wherever the wind took it. My brother’s yard looked like someone had blown up a toothpick factory. His house and garage were miraculously spared but the trailer and plow truck did not survive. Blowdown Method aftermath

He “lost” more than 125 trees on his 2½ acres of land. Many of those were 24-36” inches in diameter. Some of his neighbors fared better and some worse. The cleanup took a long time. My brother bemoaned the loss of his trees but his girlfriend and I were delighted. His land had been so heavily wooded that he had no good views of the surrounding mountains tops or the valley below. When the downed trees were cleared and the wood stacked, he had fabulous views and years of firewood.

The resulting change was magnificent and would probably not have occurred without the blowdown because my brother did not want to cut his trees. His attitude changed as well, not only relative to the changed landscape of his outer world, but also to his view of the process of change in all things.

Using the Blowdown Method for Healing

Is the blowdown method a good approach for you? We usually recommend the slower step-by-step approach to healing so that the lower-self can more easily adjust to the changes that come with achieving higher frequencies. However, sometimes the blowdown method is the more efficient way to push the lower-self out of its complacency and stubbornness.  And, it only needs to be as difficult as one believes it must be.

I am giving general directions for using the blowdown method. Always trust your guidance on what to do and how to do it for your process.

  • Make a list of what needs to be let go: people, activities, limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Trust your soul’s guidance on what goes on the list and where to begin.
  • Ask which items are best healed with a slow approach and which need to be blown down.
  • Now, make a list of what needs to be blown away. These might be smaller issues that create little fear but require discipline to change. These might be bigger issues that you have been avoiding: leaving a relationship, quitting a job, giving up certain activities that are blocking your progress, taking a vision quest.
  • Get energetically ready by beginning with the clearing and resonances needed for each issue.
  • Ask for guidance on the outer world action steps and get the timeline.
  • Make the commitment to blow it down. Commit to jumping in with both feet, letting go, and creating the change that will propel you forward in 2017.

If you place your trust in your soul, guides, and teachers, they will help you blow down all your blocks to achieving Spiritual Perfection, Oneness, and Pure Divinity. If you cannot get where to start, just ask for help and it will come.

Is the Blowdown Method Right for You?

Is the blowdown method right for you in 2017? That, of course, is a question for your soul. Sometimes the slow, gradual route to change is undoubtedly the best. At other times, the faster path might be better. The difference lies in the old analogy of pulling the band-aid off slowly and prolonging the pain or ripping it off quickly to get it over quickly. Both methods have pros and cons.

We all know (even if we do not always want to accept it) that change is inevitable. We know this to be true of our spiritual evolution. It is not always easy, but when we clear, heal, or shift our energies, we become new people with new thoughts and new ways of being. We also know that these shifts both excite and frighten the lower-self. How well we accept change determines how easily and joyfully we experience our transitions.

Your soul knows what method is best for you in each of the areas that you need to heal and for each of the items you need to release completely. Keep the blowdown method in your spiritual toolkit. Use it as guided when guided. Do not be impatient or judgmental of yourself or your process. Allow it to flow for your highest good and have a fabulous 2017.

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