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Do You Remember The Eve of Destruction?

Are you old enough to remember the song The Eve of Destruction? Whether you remember it or not, it is definitely worth looking up. Whether you read the lyrics or listen to the song, the first thought is probably that nothing has changed in 40 years. While the words still ring true, many things have changed–believe it or not.

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Good News for a Change

Good news on the front page for a change. While bigger city newspapers continue to fail, small town newspapers shine.
My husband and I are spending the summer in Montrose, CO. Last week at the laundromat I picked up the local paper and a huge smile came across my face. The front page was full of good news, positive stories about the community. What a refreshing change from what I am used to anytime I am in a bigger city.

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We All Need New Wheels Sometime

Are you still driving the same old vehicle when it is time to trade for something new? I do not mean just in the outer world, but in the etheric as well. In the outer, my husband and I just traded our 1995 Dodge V10 for a 2015 Ram 1500. Our 21-year-old truck had been a tried and true friend, but we knew we could not move on to new adventures in that truck.

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Listen to the Goddess!

If we will only listen to the Goddess! I love this cartoon by my dear friend Mindy Smolowitz. I am sure all of us would have loved to have had our mothers and fathers tell us over our cribs that we were the creators of our lives and capable of creating whatever we wanted to create. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who did, but most of us did not. However, the Goddess is always there telling us who we are and what we can do, if we will only listen.

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You’re not on the Road Alone

I am sharing my May article from Sibyl Magazine There was a day when one would seldom see a single woman on the road alone. Not today. I do not mean traveling to visit family or for business. I mean as a way of life. My husband and I have been traveling full time in...

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