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I Always Loved Zig

Many years ago when I was trying to discover what I was here to do, I listened to dozens of motivational tapes. Yes, we used audio cassette tapes in the old days. I had many favorites, but Zig Ziglar was always one of the greats. Whenever you needed a pick-me-up, Zig...

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Unity and Oneness in 2016

Unity and Oneness are principles of every sacred path to our truth as divine beings, but they are not as easy as they are simple. When I earnestly began my spiritual path 20 years ago, I asked for help to live my truth and walk my talk to the best of my ability every day. As the saying goes, be careful what you ask for. I write that with a smile because …

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The New Year is Here!

My new year is off to an exciting start. My first book was sent to the printer today, which means it will be available to the world in a few weeks. I’ll tell you more about the book later because it is only one of the many things I am looking forward to in 2016. Life is good when we allow it to be good, which should be constant. Every day little miracles happen,

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The Magic of Change

I have an old bumper sticker that I found years ago that never made it to a bumper. It says, “Change Is Inevitable, To Struggle Is an Option.” I want to end this amazing year of change, healing, and growth by sharing a story with you—a Chinese tale that was paraphrased beautifully and given to me by a very dear friend…

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Are You a Victim of Identity Theft?

My 87-year-old mother is dealing with the aftermath of identity theft. Someone took her handbag with all of her IDs and began opening department store credit cards in another state. As I considered what a major issue identity theft is around the world I realized this must be a major mirror for all humanity.

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Meeting Nature Spirits

Karen Danko, a long-time friend, recently shared with me stories of her expanding communications with nature spirits. So few people take the time to venture into the world of the elementals who share our plant and I was excited to hear about Karen’s adventures. I was guided to invite her to share some of her experiences of this past year and she accepted.

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