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You’re not on the Road Alone

I am sharing my May article from Sibyl Magazine There was a day when one would seldom see a single woman on the road alone. Not today. I do not mean traveling to visit family or for business. I mean as a way of life. My husband and I have been traveling full time in...

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Yes, You are Psychic!

Many people still do not believe it but everyone is psychic, including you. Psychic, or intuitive, messages are those that come to us without any true outer world source. These messages can come through in a variety of ways, including sight, sound, emotion, physical sensation, taste, and smell. One might have a vision, hear a sound, feel a chill, or just know something so strongly one knows it is true.

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Why I wrote Divine Justice

My newest eBook, Divine Justice: Healing through Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness, is now available on Kindle. This is the second volume of the new Standing in the Light® Master Series. I am both excited and honored to be part of this project. No matter how much we think we know there is always more to know.

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Healing the Mister Magoo in You

Those of us of a certain age remember the delightful myopic cartoon character, Mr. Magoo. Mr. Magoo bumbled through life with his eyes closed to the world around him. Stuck in his myopathy, he could only see a few feet ahead of himself and was constantly avoiding mishaps by the narrowest of margins. However, once in a while, something huge would happen and force his eyes wide opened. Only when he fully opened his eyes to the world around him did he see the situation he had created.

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You Need More than Your Toes in the Water

I was sipping a nice glass of wine, listening to “Toes” by Nora Jones, and a wave flowed over me. This song is exactly what my book is about. The woman in the song is drawn to the river. She dreams of swimming with the fish. But, she has been told the current is strong and could whisk her away. When she goes to the river, she only puts her toes in the water.

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Laurie Bonser writes New Book

The connection between spirituality and financial abundance is most often misunderstood. In The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship, author Lauri Bonser details the teachings of spiritual masters relative to monetary wealth, the false or misleading concepts...

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