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Healing by the Riverside

Who doesn’t love to sit on the banks of a lazy river or beside a cascading mountain stream and let everything go? I have had many opportunities to relax at the lakes and rivers of the Colorado mountains this summer, and I have taken full advantage of that wonderful energy. Water is a perfect medium for letting go of our old stuff. While fire represents the cleansing energy of the Divine Male, water represents…

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

No, I have not lost track of time. Yes, I know it is August, not December. However, why aren’t we always celebrating? Why aren’t we always in holiday mode? In the USA we take a vacation. In Britain, they go on holiday. Both of these events are designed for us to get away from the everyday grind and have some fun. The thought is…

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It’s All in the Cellular Memory

If you haven’t seen Winged Planet from the Discovery Channel or the 2001 documentary Winged Migration, you might want to look them up. They give us a bird’s-eye-view of the world that can only be seen by flight and insight into the instincts of these incredible navigators. Human beings are always amazed at the natural skill with which wildlife…

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Getting It Right the Second Time Around

How many times have you gotten it right – the second time around? It is great to get do-overs. I consider them precious gifts; but, I have to ask myself, why didn’t I get that the first time? It is very important on our road to Ascension to remember that we cannot screw it up. No matter what we miss, no matter how many times we think we got it wrong, we always have…

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Toilet paper: Over or Under?

We still have the ongoing debate of whether the proper way to roll toilet paper is over or under. Perhaps the better question is, “Does it matter as long as the job gets done?” We each grew up loading the paper on the roller in the direction that our parents taught us. Some of us probably heard the debate…

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Starting over… at 71!

Every day we have opportunities for starting over – sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. Imagine remaking your life at age 71. My husband and I meet the most amazing people while camping, and the gal I will call “Jill” is one of them. We met Jill on her first camping trip alone, at age 71.

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