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The Magic of Change

I have an old bumper sticker that I found years ago that never made it to a bumper. It says, “Change Is Inevitable, To Struggle Is an Option.” I want to end this amazing year of change, healing, and growth by sharing a story with you—a Chinese tale that was paraphrased beautifully and given to me by a very dear friend…

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Are You a Victim of Identity Theft?

My 87-year-old mother is dealing with the aftermath of identity theft. Someone took her handbag with all of her IDs and began opening department store credit cards in another state. As I considered what a major issue identity theft is around the world I realized this must be a major mirror for all humanity.

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Meeting Nature Spirits

Karen Danko, a long-time friend, recently shared with me stories of her expanding communications with nature spirits. So few people take the time to venture into the world of the elementals who share our plant and I was excited to hear about Karen’s adventures. I was guided to invite her to share some of her experiences of this past year and she accepted.

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Is the World Going Insane?

Is the world going insane? Is mass consciousness suffering from mental illness? In the days since the Paris bombing, I have heard many people asking these questions. The answer to these questions could be yes, or no. Let me explain.

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Me, Myself and I

Learning how our lower-self fits into the big picture of ourself as a multi-dimensional being is not always as easy as it is simple. The teachings are generally straightforward – we are spiritual beings having an experience in a human body. All we need to do is remember who we are; but, how does one come into the experience of multi-dimensionality? Most practices have a trinity of some sort to explain our multi-dimensional being:

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Say No to Gordon Gekko!

Have you read the headlines lately? Greed is breaking out all over. Contrary to what the character Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s 1987 movie, Wall Street, had to say – greed is not good. It is important to remember that money is not bad. Money is simply a form of energy. It is neither good nor bad. It just is. The issues come around the use of that energy and the motivations behind it.

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