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Getting It Right the Second Time Around

How many times have you gotten it right – the second time around? It is great to get do-overs. I consider them precious gifts; but, I have to ask myself, why didn’t I get that the first time? It is very important on our road to Ascension to remember that we cannot screw it up. No matter what we miss, no matter how many times we think we got it wrong, we always have…

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Toilet paper: Over or Under?

We still have the ongoing debate of whether the proper way to roll toilet paper is over or under. Perhaps the better question is, “Does it matter as long as the job gets done?” We each grew up loading the paper on the roller in the direction that our parents taught us. Some of us probably heard the debate…

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Starting over… at 71!

Every day we have opportunities for starting over – sometimes by necessity and sometimes by choice. Imagine remaking your life at age 71. My husband and I meet the most amazing people while camping, and the gal I will call “Jill” is one of them. We met Jill on her first camping trip alone, at age 71.

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I Keep Seeing Unicorns

Are you using your psychic skills? Piercing the veil and seeing through to other dimensions is always fascinating. Human beings have many psychic skills. Clairvoyance is only one of them, but one that can help us shatter the illusion of 3rd dimensional reality while having a lot of fun.

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Helen’s Big A-HA

Helen has been strongly intuitive her entire life. She knows to trust and follow. However, she recently had an experience that showed her the true power of our interconnectedness and the importance of listening to her guidance. This is her story in her own words. “After accepting a position in Washington State…

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Become the Master You Are

I used to teach a class titled Become the Master You Are. Even though I know my full power as the master that I am, my soul has been kicking me to fully embrace that power and BE the Master that I AM. I have reached a point where I seldom have my buttons pushed; but …

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