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I Keep Seeing Unicorns

Are you using your psychic skills? Piercing the veil and seeing through to other dimensions is always fascinating. Human beings have many psychic skills. Clairvoyance is only one of them, but one that can help us shatter the illusion of 3rd dimensional reality while having a lot of fun.

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Helen’s Big A-HA

Helen has been strongly intuitive her entire life. She knows to trust and follow. However, she recently had an experience that showed her the true power of our interconnectedness and the importance of listening to her guidance. This is her story in her own words. “After accepting a position in Washington State…

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Become the Master You Are

I used to teach a class titled Become the Master You Are. Even though I know my full power as the master that I am, my soul has been kicking me to fully embrace that power and BE the Master that I AM. I have reached a point where I seldom have my buttons pushed; but …

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Who is Marsha Hankins, anyway?

Who is Marsha Hankins? I know I am not the person I used to be, and most of the people who have known me for a long time would agree that is a good thing! Most of us take time on occasion to look at who we used to be, who we are now, and, hopefully, who we want to be in the future.

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10 Keys to Unlimited Abundance

We may say that we want abundance in our lives, but the question is, are you ready and willing to allow it to happen? Are you willing to have it all? I was driving around town one day and was guided to tune into a Christian radio station that I never listened to. A minister was speaking about abundance. He asked…

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Baby Moose and Divine Innocent

There aren’t many things that can bring a smile to one’s face faster than watching wildlife babies in the spring. Several of us gathered on the roadside off Slumgulion Pass, CO to watch this sweet baby moose romp and play and nip at its mother for attention. Unlike many human mothers…

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