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The Magic of Divine Hope

Divine Hope is not what most people believe hope to be. In 3rd-dimensional consciousness, hope is wanting something to happening and thinking or believing that it could. Many people hold positively to hope and others cling to hope with desperation. This means that sometimes hope lifts us up and sometimes it pulls us down. In 5th-dimensional consciousness, hope is the absolute knowing that everything is going to be good in the end.

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Sharing Your Responses to Robotics

The future of robotics is an important topic for everyone to consider. When I write a post, I only have space to make a few comments on a subject. My hope is always that readers will think about their own opinions on whatever I write. It is even better when you share....

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The Spiritual Aspects of Robotics

Have you considered the spiritual aspects of robotics? As technology continues to become a bigger influence in our lives, how we use robots and other devices will be essential to our evolution. Have you taken the time to contemplate the spiritual aspects of modern...

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Meditation is a Good Habit to Have

Meditation is not just for occasional relaxation. It is not just a way to calm the mind. Meditation is your link to Source. It is your method of transcending the third-dimensional illusion and experiencing your Oneness with the universe. Meditation is a daily habit...

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Our Sacred Gift of Spiritual Service

Our spiritual service to Mother Earth and humanity is our sacred gift–not just to others but to ourselves. The pursuit of the unique service we have come to share builds our strength, confidence, and connection to Source. This service is the extension of who we are as...

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