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Happy New Year from Organ Pipe

The New Year is a great time for self-evaluation. I do a self-evaluation each day. I ask my God-Self for percentages of healing and improvement in specific areas that have my attention. Many of you already have the same practice. The end of the year is a perfect time for looking at the bigger picture of where we are in our evolution.

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Stop Holding on to the Experiment

The Experiment in Duality is over but are you ready and willing to let it go? Are you ready and willing to know yourself as Source, to know yourself as pure love? These questions may seem like no-brainers but if they were, we would be home in the light already. Maybe we are not as ready as we want to think we are.

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The Magic of Divine Hope

Divine Hope is not what most people believe hope to be. In 3rd-dimensional consciousness, hope is wanting something to happening and thinking or believing that it could. Many people hold positively to hope and others cling to hope with desperation. This means that sometimes hope lifts us up and sometimes it pulls us down. In 5th-dimensional consciousness, hope is the absolute knowing that everything is going to be good in the end.

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