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A Native American Tale of Two Wolves

A young boy noticed that his grandfather was rubbing his belly and seemed to be sad. He asked, “Grandfather, why are you so sad?” The grandfather replied, “I have a fight inside of me that will not let me sleep or give me any peace.” “What kind of fight, Grandfather?” the boy asked.

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The Interconnection of All Things

We hear over and over that we are all one and that we heal the world by healing ourselves. For many people that is just talk because it is challenging to fully accept the interconnection of all things. Not just the interconnection of all humanity but of all things....

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Your Mirrors are Like Your Dreams

Your mirrors are like your dreams. Everyone is you. The ancient spiritual teaching that everyone we meet is, in some way, a mirror of who we are is as important today as it was the first day it was voiced. Many people balk at this notion but it is the same principle...

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If I want to change

One of my favorite old jokes is, “How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb really has to want to change.” Some believe that people never change, that human beings are actually incapable of change. Not true. However, people do have to want to change. We cannot be forced to go where we do not want to go.

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What You are Looking for Does Not Exist

What are you looking for and where do you think you will find it? One of the great spiritual one-liners is that all of our answers are inside ourselves. Is that where you are looking? Many people refer to themselves as seekers. This is a long-used term for those searching for the answers, searching for spiritual truth and wisdom. Even I use similar terminology when I speak of the journey, the path, the road. But…

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