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A Letter to My Brother about 9-11

My brother sent me a message on Sunday, 9-11. He said, “What I have a hard time with is our national grief over one terrible even when others live through this every day.” I know many of you look at situations around the world and wonder what has happened to our compassion for those in other countries. This is what I was guided to write: Human beings tend to hold on to grief. When the grief…

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Try Gratitude in Reverse

To move from darkness into light we must master gratitude, but not in the way you are probably thinking as you read this. Mastering gratitude means receiving gratitude as well as giving it, a trait most of us lack (at least at the divine level). The depth of this revelation came to me several years ago during meditation. I was working with the resonance of Divine Gratitude to heal an issue, which I do not remember. I was guided specifically to ask to receive gratitude from the God/Goddess for my work through many lifetimes. I could not believe the level of resistance. Layers of unworthiness and lack of deserving flowed to the surface and I realized I was quite willing to give gratitude to the God/Goddess but was not willing to receive Their gratitude in return. Who knew?

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Do You Remember The Eve of Destruction?

Are you old enough to remember the song The Eve of Destruction? Whether you remember it or not, it is definitely worth looking up. Whether you read the lyrics or listen to the song, the first thought is probably that nothing has changed in 40 years. While the words still ring true, many things have changed–believe it or not.

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Have you been hit by a poison arrow?

The Buddha spoke: “It is as if a man had been wounded by an arrow thickly smeared with poison, and his friends and kinsmen would get a surgeon to heal him, but he would say, ‘I will not have this arrow pulled out until I know by what man I was wounded. Is he a warrior...

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Good News for a Change

Good news on the front page for a change. While bigger city newspapers continue to fail, small town newspapers shine.
My husband and I are spending the summer in Montrose, CO. Last week at the laundromat I picked up the local paper and a huge smile came across my face. The front page was full of good news, positive stories about the community. What a refreshing change from what I am used to anytime I am in a bigger city.

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