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Using the Blowdown Method in 2017

The blowdown method can be scary. However, it is also a surefire method for creating change. When the winds have stopped, you keep what is standing, haul away the rest, and start rebuilding. Hurricanes come with an advanced warning so one has at least some time to...

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And, the Pendulum Swings

The pendulum swings–and it swings and it swings. If you are feeling a bit confused and motion sick from the “crazy” shifts of the rapidly changing energies, you are not alone. Just hold tight. It is understandable, and it is explainable.

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NASA, the New Astrology, and You

Are you ready for the new astrology? NASA has created quite an uproar with the inclusion of a thirteenth zodiac sign. Before you get upset over the change, consider the history, the reasoning, and why the new astrology could be part of the paradigm shift we have been waiting for.

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Is it possible to love too easily?

“You love too easily" is an old saying. Is it possible to love too easily? Last week my husband and I were talking with a checker at a Kroger grocery. All the employees wear badges saying, “I love ___” and each person fills in the blank. This clerk wrote, “I love my...

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