A new year is beginning. My husband and I are starting 2018 in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona. This is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful arrays of cacti and desert plants and a place we both love. However, where we are beginning this new year in the outer world is much less important than where we are in the inner world.

A Time for Self-Evaluation

I do a self-evaluation each day when I do my meditation and energy work. I ask my God-Self for percentages of healing and improvement in specific areas that have my attention. Many of you already have the same practice. The end of the year is a perfect time for looking at the bigger picture of where we are in our evolution.

We are used to evaluating ourselves based on our outer world accomplishments and our level of satisfaction with how well various things in our lives are flowing. Based on “as within, so without,” we know that how easily our outer world flows (or does not flow) is a mirror of what is happening with us on the inner. But too often, we put more emphasis on what “improvements” have happened “out there” than observing and honoring what improvements have happened “in here.”

Almost everyone on the planet is starting this new year at a higher frequency than last year. Yes, some people are stuck and some are even moving backward; but, these are the exceptions, not the rule. If you are reading this post, you are definitely moving higher in frequency or you would not have found your way here. Take time to value how wonderful you are, how far you have come, and what you have to look forward to in 2018.

Four Questions for the New Year

I recommend keeping it simple. Here are four questions to take to your God-Self in your meditation chair as a self-evaluation for moving into the new year. These questions are not much different from the traditional ones we ask for a year-end evaluation of our 3-D goals. However, these questions are about spiritual evolution, not outer world appearances, and do not have outer world yardsticks to give us the answers.

Use whatever process suits you to be sure that you are clearly connected and ready to listen to your guidance for answers.

  1. What was my overall frequency level in January 2017? There are many ways to approach this evaluation depending on the program you follow or your dominant psychic skills.
  • A clairvoyant might ask to see her energy field from last year.
  • A kinesthetic might ask to feel his energy field from last year.
  • A clairsentient or claircognizant might ask to be given her energy from last year as a number for her baseline.
  1. What is my overall frequency now? Take time to give yourself credit for how far you have come, for how far you have expanded since last year.
  1. What are the areas in which I have really improved? Again, take time for self-acknowledgment and gratitude.
  1. What are the two major energies on which I should focus in the new year? Last year my focus was Divine Peace and Pure Joy. In 2018 my focus is Unconditional Love and Divine Mercy. What is yours?

From here, you can ask personal questions or ask for help with action steps for moving into the new year.

A Time to Rejoice

Flipping the calendar to the new year is only one metaphor for the passage of time but it is one that is so easy for us to use. It is important to remember that this is a time for celebration, a time for looking both backward and forward with gratitude and appreciation. It is a time to rejoice in how we have improved and for the opportunities to start again.

I am looking forward to a truly grand 2018. No matter how the outer world might look, I know that I am the master of my inner world and that is all that counts. The outer world is the illusion we create for our learning and growing. The inner world is our truth and our greatness. Rejoice in who you are and how far you have come. Happy New Year MH

Much Love and Happy New Year to All

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