That’s right… just keep on truckin’. My last post was a Zen parable about over eagerness but, at the same time, we have to keep trying. Even though we need to surrender to and detach from the journey, we humans can become very frustrated with our spiritual process.

So, have you ever been frustrated with your process? Ever wondered why the heck you have this thing called an ego and why it seems so challenging to get it into alignment with Source?

Why Do We Have that Old Ego Anyway?

Everyone feels frustration and judgment toward their ego from time to time. It is important to understand the purpose of the ego and why we must keep working to love that part of ourselves. Every soul created is unique. The ego is the essence of that uniqueness and the vehicle through which the soul learns and grows.

Your ego is a unique expression of Source. There is no one in the universe who is just like you. Do you understand how special and important that makes you? Without your ego, there is no you. Without you (and your ego), a stream of conscious is lost to the universe.

Your ego exists at all levels of who you are from your soul down to your lower-self. However, the part of you that feels lost in the experiment perceives itself as separate from Source. The sense of separation creates fear for the lower-self and fear creates anger, frustration, and judgment. As a result, the ego digs in its heels.

The goal is to remember and experience ourselves as Source. In Psalm 82 of The Bible God says, “Ye are Gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.” That’s a pretty tall order for the lower-self who doesn’t remember that it is Divine. How do we help the lower-self keep on truckin’ through the fear?

Helping the Lower-self

We tend to look at ourselves with judgment and say, “bad ego.” But, we have to love our ego as a unique and important part of ourselves. It is who you are and it wants to remember itself as Source even if it fears the process. Fear creates anger, frustration, and judgment but anger, frustration, and judgment continue to fuel fear. Anyone in fear needs love and that includes your lower-self and its ego. How do we learn to feel and believe in love?

My most effective way to bring the lower-self on board was to hug it like a small child in a mother’s or father’s arms.

  • Get into a meditative state by taking a few slow, deep breaths and opening the chakras.
  • Visualize the loving Mother or Father God depending on which energy you feel you need most.
  • Visualize yourself as a small child.
  • Allow yourself to be picked up, held, and hugged in the lap of the Mother/Father God.
  • Feel that love and allow it to saturate all that you are.
  • Stay as long as you like but bring that feeling out of meditation with you.
  • Keep on Truckin’

Keep on Truckin’

We are always reminded to focus on loving everyone. But it is self-love that allows us to love others. Self-Love is the key to the peace and oneness that we seek.

Practice patience and compassion. Growth comes one step at a time. Observe yourself and be aware of whether you are supporting yourself in your language and actions or whether you are fueling the ego’s fears with anger, frustration, and judgment. Love your ego. Pamper and praise it. Just as a child needs encouragement as it is learning to walk, the ego needs encouragement as it moves through its spiritual evolution. Cherish every step of your unique journey and just keep on truckin’.

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