Divine Hope is not what most people believe hope to be. In 3rd-dimensional consciousness, hope is wanting something to happen and thinking or believing that it could. Many people hold positively to hope and others cling to hope with desperation. This means that sometimes hope lifts us up and sometimes it pulls us down.

In 5th-dimensional consciousness, hope is the absolute knowing that everything is going to be good in the end. Divine Hope is pure magic but it is also challenging to master. Divine Hope requires absolute faith and trust in our process. The ego wants to know when the end is going to be and who defines what is good. The Divine-Self knows there is no need to ask those questions.


Divine Hope transcends the illusion

Mastering the illusion is the big challenge. Both the illusion of our separation from Source and the illusion that the 3-D world is real must be transcended. Divine Hope transcends the expectations and outcomes of the physical, emotional, and mental worlds. Divine Hope takes us to the end of our worldly experiences to the time when we are healed and ready to ascend, to the time when we know ourselves as unconditional love and eternal life.

In the state of Divine Hope, we feel no fear, no worry, no discord. We know that whatever is happening now (or might happen in the future) is leading us home to Source. We are able to take everything in stride with detachment and discernment for the highest good of all. There is no need to question the short run because we have complete trust in the long run.

Consider how much time most people spend worrying about outcomes. How much energy is wasted on worry and effort over what the ego “wants?” When we give our power to what is happening in the outer world instead of how we are growing in the inner world, we lose sight of what is important. What matters is how we grow spiritually, not what is happening in the illusion.

Divine Hope helps keep us focused on the goal of spiritual evolution instead of trapped in worldly outcomes. It reminds us that we are all headed to Ascension no matter what. Divine Hope reminds us to let go, to trust, and to keep moving. The Divine-Self knows there is nothing to be concerned over, nothing to fear, and every reason to know that everything is going to be good in the end (no matter how many lives it might take).


Mastering Divine Hope

What you have just read may sound like gobbledygook or splitting hairs. I know it did for me the first time I tried to sort this out. It is difficult to put 5th-dimensional feeling states into 3rd-dimensional language and Divine Hope is a feeling state. It is an experience.

The ego-self wants assurances that what it wants to happen will happen. Getting the ego-self to trust that the end will be good without knowing when that end will be is not easy. It is simple but it is not easy because the ego-self does not like the unknown. The bliss of Oneness and the ecstasy of Ascension are yet to be experienced.

Trusting and surrendering to the knowingness of our Divine-Self is what we have to do. Putting ourselves into the feeling state of Divine Hope is essential to the knowing that all will be well in the end, no matter what it looks like now. Remembering that this is only one of the many lives that have brought us to this point in time can help. This is only one of many lives that are part of our evolution and the experiences of each of these lives are important to our ultimate mastery.

Sit in meditation and ask to feel the energy of Divine Hope. Fill with the resonance of Divine Hope every day. Ask your guidance for help in understanding and trusting the difference in 3-D and 5-D hope. It is the experience that brings us peace, not the words. It is the knowingness of our divinity that frees us from the illusion, not what we do or say.

The magic of Divine Hope can be yours. Just feel it and trust.

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