2019 will be another year of making transitions. Some of them will be small and some will be very big. Many people believe that making transitions is hard. While transitions can be challenging, they do not have to be difficult unless we believe they do, even the big ones.

What we believe is what we create. When we embrace transitions as steps in our evolution and surrender to the changes, making transitions can mean exciting new adventures.

Making Transitions at 90

Not many seniors get excited about moving into assisted living or nursing care. Most that I know have resisted the process and made their transitions difficult because they refuse to surrender to the changes that come with aging. However, it does not have to be that way.

My 90 (almost 91) -year-old mother moved from her house of 21 years into assisted living the last week of 2018. This is the main reason you have not heard from me for a while. The children descended on her and went to work to get things done and make her new room as cozy as possible.

We were buzzing around Mom and moving fast because we were on a very tight schedule. This meant that decisions had to be made quickly and that Mom had to watch much of her life go out the door to friends or Goodwill. Not easy.

But Mom had chosen to accept the move as in her best interest. She did not want to give up her house or what she felt was her independence and control. She did not want to feel needy or old. However, like it or not, she acknowledged that she is 90 years old with a variety of conditions which made it unsafe for her to continue alone in the house. Her life had to change.

Mom surrendered and flowed with the energy as best she could. Yes, there were some grumblings and tears on occasion and everything is not perfect. But, all in all, she made the transition beautifully because she accepted the changes as in her highest good.

Flowing with the Energy of Transition

Making transitions easy is about surrendering to our soul’s desire and the plan for our highest good. My mother would not use the same language that I use but she saw the power is what was happening. Everything happened quickly and relatively easily. She often said she saw the Lord’s hand in this move even though her lower-self was not that excited.

Fighting the flow of our creations creates stress, worry, and difficulty. Instead of struggling to hold on to what is not in the highest good, find the reasons for what you are creating and learn from them. Find what is good in your creation and focus on that. Trust and flow with the energy of transition.

Whatever your transitions are for this year, use your spiritual tools to make your transitions as easy and joyful as possible. Use resonances including Divine:

  • Transition
  • Ease and Flow
  • Safety and Security
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Detachment
  • Surrender
  • The Divine Plan

You can do this, you know you can. Make transitions an effortless aspect of your evolution. Embrace the changes and the necessary transitions and be the master that you are. A joyous 2019 to us all.

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