Are you the master of your circumstances or do they master you? Spirit wanted to continue the energy of my last post, Going with the Flow. Mastering any situation in which we find ourselves is part of Divine Flow and Divine Power.

True Masters of Life

I am currently reading A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It’s a novel about a man confined to his hotel for life during the socialist rule in Russia in 1922. Alexander Rostov loses his freedom and most of his possessions but he remembers these words of his uncle:

“If a man does not master his circumstances then he is bound to be mastered by them.”

“Imagining what might happen if one’s circumstances were different was the only sure route to madness.”

Rostov’s change of circumstances is not easy to deal with. However, he opens himself to discovering how to live a new life, a totally unexpected life.

A Gentleman in Moscow is reminiscent of the movie The Terminal where the lead character, Viktor Navorski, cannot leave the airport terminal in JFK because of political issues. However, he creates an amazing life inside the terminal.

Yes, these are fictional characters. However, The Terminal is based on the true story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri. Mr. Nasseri is an Iranian who was confined to the departure lounge of Charles de Gaulle Airport for 18 years. His is not the only story of mastering extraordinary circumstances instead of letting them master him. I often recommend the following autobiographies of people who understand Divine Flow and Divine Power.

  • Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning
  • Immaculee Ilibagiza, Left to Tell
  • Malala Yousafzai, I am Malala

We human beings can master incredibly difficult situations when we open our hearts and minds to do so. If you have books of remarkable stories to share, please recommend them in the comments section.

Be the Master of Your Circumstances

Do not kid yourself, you are a master. You may not fully own it yet, but mastery is sitting inside you waiting for you to open to who you are.

No matter what circumstances life throws at you, embrace them as part of your journey into mastery. We are never victims unless the lower-self chooses to be. Be at peace and remember the Chaung: “Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”

If you have a personal story of mastering circumstances instead of them mastering you, let me know. I would to share them, even anonymously.

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