I am still mastering peace and joy. I know that may be hard to believe but it is true which is why these are my two resonances of focus again.

Each year I recommend that you ask your souls for two primary resonances, the ones most important to you for the coming year. In 2017, my two primary resonances were Divine Peace and Pure Joy. In 2018, they were Unconditional Love and Divine Mercy. Once again, I will be focusing on peace and joy.

Your resonances will be personal to you and will be chosen perfectly by your soul for what you need most. However, I am going to explain why my soul’s choice has taken me back to peace and joy because this may help you understand what you are guided to work with this year.

Peace and Joy in 2017

My focus in 2017 was letting go of the illusion – the illusion of duality but also the illusion of the physical world. The highest octaves of peace and joy are essential for the highest octave of surrender so I was not surprised to have them as my primary resonances that year.

In the Standing in the Light® program, we focus on the traditional energy foundation of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power. All other resonances build on this foundation. Our next priority resonance is peace. Peace is essential for joy and joy is essential for oneness.

The first experience of Divine Peace is usually during a great meditation. In meditation, we can detach from the physical, emotional, and mental world of the lower-self to know a true sense of Divine Peace. As our frequencies move higher, we begin to know moments of this level of peace while not in meditation. The goal, of course, is to exist in this state at all times.

Once we become Divine Peace, Pure Joy can follow. When we know joy at the highest octave we can (and want to) detach from the physical world to know ourselves only as spiritual beings. Now we are ready for ascension.

Unconditional Love and Mercy in 2018

My focus in 2018 was a higher level of forgiveness. Forgiveness requires unconditional love and mercy.

Unconditional love means love with absolutely no conditions – no requirements, no restrictions, no judgments, no obligations, no limitations. Love is needed for higher levels of forgiveness and more forgiveness is needed for higher levels of love. The divine resonances are all interconnected.

Mercy is showing compassion or forgiveness to someone for whom you have the power to punish. Because we are the creators, our only punishment is that which we heap upon ourselves. We may ask Source, the God/Goddess, or our Souls for Divine Mercy but the key to forgiveness is self-mercy. We have to let ourselves off the hook!

My work with unconditional self-love and self-mercy was very important in 2018. However, they led me in a circle to the next octave of the spiral staircase of evolution. Spiritual evolution is always about repetition.

Repeating Peace and Joy This Year

In my classes and in my books, I talk about climbing the spiral staircase of frequencies. Mastery comes in layers, in octaves of mastery. As I wrote above, the divine resonances are all interconnected. We master only a small part, one octave of frequency, of each of the resonances at a time. That is, we climb one flight of stairs on the spiral staircase of frequencies. When we are the top of one octave of frequencies, we begin to climb the next flight of stairs.

We just keep climbing. We repeat the process until we reach the highest octave of human evolution. At the upper portion of this staircase, the frequency changes become very subtle. A great deal of repetition is required to heal all of the nooks and crannies of our human experiences to reach full spiritual mastery.

Having mastered one higher octave of peace and joy in 2017 and one higher octave of unconditional love and mercy in 2018, I am ready to tackle the next higher octaves of peace and joy in 2019. Around and around the spiral staircase I continue to climb, just as you do, in the process of ascension.

Mastering the Resonances We Need for Ascension

This year, your primary resonances will probably be different than mine. We are each in our personal stage of healing each with our own needs. So, what are your resonances to master this year?

  • Get into a meditative state and ask your soul what your primary resonances are for this year.
  • Build your energy foundation by filling to 100% with Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power.
  • Fill to 100% with your primary resonances and keep filling.
  • If you cannot fill or hold your resonances, use whatever clearing process you use to heal the blocks and interferences.
  • Develop reminders to help you stay focused on your goal – mastering the next octave of your primary resonances.

And remember, just keep climbing the staircase one octave at a time. You will get to where you want to be.


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