Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who died in active military service–our warriors. Americans honor this day with flags and parades, photos of those lost, and loved ones still here. Other countries also have versions of a remembrance-day because every country since the beginning of time has suffered through war and loss.

Each Memorial Day, I say a blessing for everyone who has ever died in wars around this planet. We all look forward to the day when war no longer exists for humanity. However, we have reached this point in our evolution through the process of war, challenge, loss, and recovery. It is both appropriate and important to take time to remember and honor those who have died in the process of helping us be who we are today.

Memorial Day in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions

War has been part of human evolution since the first caveperson (men and women have been warriors) clubbed another over a piece of meat. Whether we fought on the side of the aggressors or the side of the defenders, we have all died in war in one life or another. We have all died as civilians and lost family and friends in war as well. In hundreds of thousands of lifetimes, we have experienced it all. Human beings understand the cost of war.

In the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels of consciousness, humans need to remember and honor those who have fought and died for their ideals. Those who fought and died for their countries, to protect their families, or because they felt forced to fight are remembered for volunteering for the human experience and their roles in the evolution of humanity. Some of our most inspiring moments are ones when veterans from the opposing sides of war come together to share the pain of their loss and sacrifice. These are the men and women who help bring us healing and closer to the end of all war.

5th-Dimensional Consciousness

In 5th-dimensional consciousness, we observe war free of all judgment. We hold compassion and understanding for all sides of the conflict because we understand that each person is merely at his or her place in the conga line of evolution. Each person is doing what they believe they need to do for who they are at that moment in time.

On Memorial Day, follow your guidance for the best way to honor the spiritual warrior in us all and everything that we have done as warriors of the human experience.

  • Create a ceremony of remembrance and honoring.
  • Heal your personal grief, suffering, guilt, shame, pride, or any remaining beliefs and emotions connected to war.
  • Let go of the illusion of sacrifice, loss, victory, or defeat.
  • If you are brave, channel to your soul on the upside of war – what we learn and how we grow from the experience.
  • Ask for guidance on how to end the war within and what you can do to help create the end of war for all time.

Never forget that we have all been there, done that. Whether war has been your experience in this lifetime or another, the full range of beliefs and emotions are in your cellular memory. Honor them for yourself and others. Remember all warriors with love and be free on Memorial Day.


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