We all have a beautiful balloon even if it is in disguise. What does your beautiful balloon look like? Where is it taking you? Do you even recognize that you have one? Your mission is to find yours and ride it up, up, and away.

We each came into this life with a set of gifts, talents, and interests to help us find our strengths, our service humanity, and find joy in life. If you do not know your gifts, talents, and interests, you need to look for them now because they are your beautiful balloon.

Most people focus on earning a living, tending to family and friends, and taking care of the chores of daily living. However, no matter how busy our lives are, we need to spend time doing things we love – doing what takes us up, up, and away. Unfortunately, too many people have no idea how to do that.

Your Beautiful Balloon

We have all heard the saying, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. This concept is accurate and simple but not necessarily easy. We have been born into a wide variety of backgrounds providing various opportunities. Finding “what we love” and find a way to earn a living doing that is not always immediately possible. Therefore, I suggest two ways to approach this.

First, look for your gifts, talents, and interests and ways to use them for income. You may have already manifested a livelihood doing what you love. If you haven’t, go to your soul for guidance on how to get started. You might need more education in a specific area to get a job or you might need to get more experience in your spare time. Perhaps, you might need to start part-time to build a following. If you are guided that earning a livelihood doing what you love is not the plan at this time, use your gifts, talents, and interests as an avocation–a hobby–instead of your vocation.

Then, the second approach is to find a way to love what you do for a living while you find joy riding your beautiful balloon in your non-work hours. By finding purpose in your work, focusing on the service you provide, focusing on what you gain by this job, etc., you can find love in your livelihood while you move forward in other areas of life. Don’t let your job keep you tethered. It is important to allow yourself joy.

Finding What Brings You Joy

This exercise is not new. Make a list of everything you have enjoyed doing in your life and everything you do very well. Start from your earliest memories. Think of everything you loved as a child and think of the things you did well.

Keep in mind that some of these things might have been taken away from you. Perhaps other people thought what was important to you was a waste of time because it would not get you a job or because it wasn’t important to your education. You might have pushed some of these things from your consciousness and you might need to do some clearing to allow them to come back.

You might think you are too old, do not have the time now, or some other lower-self excuse but you are not.

Some of us do not recognize our gifts, talents, and interests because we were not exposed to them early in life. What interests you now? What are you putting off trying? Instead of saying you can’t or you don’t the time, you might surprise yourself by trying.

For a long list of late bloomers, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_bloomer. For a shorter version try The Top Ten Late Bloomers Of All Time or Ten of History’s Greatest Late Bloomers.

Up, Up, and Away

You know I am going to tell you to follow your guidance in everything you do. So, are you following your guidance in the pursuit of your joy?

Whether your gifts, talents, and interests lead you to a new livelihood or to overwhelming joy and passion for your free time does not matter. What matters is this question: Are you tethered to the mundane or are you willing to float up, up, and away in your beautiful balloon?

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