The Tale of Two Wolves

A young boy noticed that his grandfather was rubbing his belly and seemed to be sad. He asked, “Grandfather, why are you so sad?”

The grandfather replied, “I have a fight inside of me that will not let me sleep or give me any peace.”

“What kind of fight, Grandfather?” the boy asked.

“Deep in my heart, I have two wolves,” answered his grandfather. “Each is strong and they are locked in a constant war. One is darkness. He is full of anger, hatred, bitterness, revenge, greed, arrogance, suspicion, lies, pride, and self-doubt. The other is light. He is full of peace, love, kindness, joy, hope, humility, generosity, wisdom, truth, and confidence. They circle each other day and night, each wanting to win the fight.”

“How terrible for you, Grandfather,” the boy replied.

“It is not just terrible for me, my Grandson. It is terrible for you and for all people. Every person has these two wolves within them. Every person must endure this fight.”

“Tell me, Grandfather, which wolf will win the fight?”

“The one we feed, my boy. The one we feed.”


Your Two Wolves

You know my questions. Which of your two wolves have you been feeding? Which one will you continue to feed and how will you do it? You also know the answers to those questions. Make a conscious commitment to feed your light. Only with proper food will we find true peace and pure love. And, do not let anyone else feed your wolves!

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