A small frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a very long time. It was born there and raised there and it was all he knew.

One day, a frog from the sea came upon the well. The frog in the well asked the traveler, “Where do you come from?” The traveler replied, “I come from the sea.”

“The sea! How big is the sea?” “It is very big,” said the traveler.

The frog in the well stretched its legs and asked, “Is your sea this big?” “It is much bigger,” the visitor replied.

Leaping from one side of the well to the other, the small frog asked, “Is it as big as this? Is it as big as my well?” The frog from the sea answered, “How can you compare the sea to this well?”

Now angry, the small frog asserted, “No, there can never be anything bigger than my well. You are a liar and must leave at once.”

Healing the Small Frog

This Hindu parable has more than one message about our “small frog” and our “well.” Not only do we need to expand our thinking to encompass new knowledge and worldly opportunities but we also need to expand our beliefs about who we are as Source and what we can do.

Everyone has a small frog inside. Most people have multiple fears about stepping outside the beliefs and systems in which they have been raised. Human beings find comfort in the belief that what they have learned is the right way or the best way. Those little wells become safety zones.

The same is true when we hold ourselves back from our unlimited power as Source. It is one thing to say we are unlimited beings and another to embrace and surrender to that power. We do not have to jump directly from the well into the sea. We can take baby steps – or baby jumps.

Are you ready to jump out of your well? If so, start asking your soul what, how, and when to make the next jump. Clear what you can and be willing to step through the fear. Be willing to let go of old beliefs and limitations and expand into the universe.


Photo from pixaby.com

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