One day, a merchant set out on a short trip to collect a debt of ten dollars from a man living several miles away. After paying a boatman five dollars to take him across a river, the merchant was unable to find the man and had to pay another five dollars to make his way back home. He spent ten dollars and a few hours to collect a ten-dollar debt, and he ultimately ended up empty-handed.

Spending Your Ten Dollars

How are you spending your time and your energy? It is amazing how the lower-self will invest huge amounts of time and energy for relatively little, if any, gain.

We have all done it. Everyone can look back and shake a head at the wasted time, money, and effort–time… time, money, and effort that could have been of benefit expended elsewhere. Have you ever driven across town for a sale and spent more on gas than you saved shopping? Ever spent hours arguing a point that no one cared about but you? Have you ever felt that you are spinning your wheels when you should just let go?

Too often, the effort is just to prove an unimportant point, but it must be done to appease the ego.

Perhaps, instead of stressing and obsessing over small things, we should go to our guidance for our priorities and heal what our lower-self does not like or does not want to let go.

Pay attention to where you are spending your ten dollars and stop wasting time and energy. Let go of the illusion of what is important and find what is truly matters. Listen to your guidance, and you will never have to question as to where to spend your ten dollars.


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