Our spiritual service to Mother Earth and humanity is our sacred gift–not just to others but to ourselves. The pursuit of the unique service we have come to share builds our strength, confidence, and connection to Source. This service is the extension of who we are as spiritual beings into the world around us and our sacred gift.

Some people seem to know at a very early age what they have come to do. Most of us need more time to figure it out. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out yet. And, don’t worry if you have it figured out but have not manifested it yet. You will get there.


Finding Our Spiritual Service

Some of the blocks to discovering and pursuing our spiritual service are being too intellectual, too judgmental, and too presumptive. The lower-self looks out into the world and tries to decide what looks and sounds good. What will be impressive, have impact, and make a large amount of money? Lightworkers tend to focus on what they believe looks spiritual.

Forget all of that. We refer to your spiritual service as your sacred gift because it is sacred–dedicated to spiritual purpose and deserving respect and reverence. This can apply to any action taken in love for the good of others. We have unlimited forms of service. We simply need to discover which one is ours.

Anyone can begin with a list of the joys, and the talents from childhood. Most of us exhibit gifts and passions when we are young–drawing, storytelling, building, inventing, playing chef or nurse or teacher. We can also look at what bring us joy now and what skills we have acquired through the various jobs and hobbies we have had. Any or all of these can be clues to our spiritual service.

The best method for finding our path of service is to go to our God-Self for guidance. For those who have mastered a clear connection to their guidance, it is a matter of asking precise questions and trusting the answers. For those who do not yet have confidence in their ability to channel this way, it is a matter of setting the intention to gain insight and sitting in quiet meditation until the great “ah-ha” arrives. This may take time. Give yourself time and space to find the path that is right for you.


Following Our Hearts

Whatever spiritual service we have chosen for this life was chosen to bring us joy. As we share our gifts and talents with others, that service should reflect both sacredness and the passionate light that shines within. Whether leading a project or sweeping floors, the gift is always about sharing our love through what we do.

Yes, we need spiritual teachers and healers for our communities. However, we also need people to grow food, design housing, develop new energy sources, and much more. We need those who love teaching young children and love caring for the elderly. Let’s not forget the importance of the artists, artisans, and entertainers or gardeners, maintenance workers, and shopkeepers. Anything a community needs is an importance form of service.

The specific form of our spiritual service will change from time to time. As we change and as the needs of the world change, the particulars of our service may change. Always remain flexible and in the flow of evolution.

Some of us will jump right into our service and start running. Others will move one small step at a time. There is no right or wrong way to be of service. The important thing is to get started if you have not already.


Shine Your Light

No matter what path you follow or how quickly you get there, follow what you know to be right for you. The lower-self can be impatient and want to push too hard and fast. However, it can also be lazy, complacent, and drag its feet. Either extreme can be a trap. Find a pace that is right for you and pursue your service with passion.

Let your light shine. Let your heart sing and let your spiritual service be a sacred gift to both yourself and the world.


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