Social media is on trial in the press and at dinner tables around the world. This is good because social media can be our spiritual friend and our spiritual foe. Remembering that everything is our mirror, we each need to examine what tools we use, how we use them, and why.

Social media is a tool. It is not a secure source of sharing information or necessarily an honest source of getting our news. Do we use this tool to empower us or are we too willing to give away our power?

I know I have asked this question before but Spirit keeps coming back to this topic. Perhaps now more than ever, everyone needs to reevaluate their answer to that question.


Social Media as Our Friend


The internet, in general, has become a powerful source of information. When the information is accurate, online research is both enlightening and speedy. However, we must be responsible for checking and cross-referencing to be sure what we read is accurate.

Social media can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends. Being able to post pictures and updates to many people at once is a great benefit to many people in this busy world. The various forms of social media also make it easy to locate long-lost friends, keep up with areas of personal interest, and shop.

One of the most beneficial uses of this tool has been the quick dissemination of emergency information. Everyone can cite instances where posts and tweets have given us inside, first-hand reports of events from around the world. Used wisely, social media can be fun and informative. Unfortunately, it can also be addictive and misleading.


Social Media as Our Foe


Anyone can write anything they want to write on the internet whether it is true or not. Anyone can post anything they want to post through social media whether it is true or not. Too few people are willing to do research and too many people are willing to pass on whatever seems hot.

Human beings are so easily manipulated and it is our own fault. I have fact checked many posts that I have received and have been amazed at the number that are false, but they sure sound good to those hungry for gossip or wanting their views validated. Even much of the “good news” that people have passed to me has turned out to be false.

This is nothing new. Human beings have been manipulated since the first great orator stood up to convince his or her audience of their personal agenda. However, the internet and social media have made it easier to reach more people quicker.


Making Conscious Choices


How well, how responsibly, we use social media is an indicator of our spiritual consciousness. Spiritual mastery is about awareness. It is about going inward instead of outward for truth and validation.

Let’s all work on ourselves and refuse to be gullible or drawn into manipulation by the outer world. Social media and other uses of technology can be powerful tools for sharing information and for transformation. Let’s all use them wisely and never give them our power.

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