In his eagerness for enlightenment, a young Zen student went to his master for help. “Master,” he asked, “I know you have many students, but if I study harder than all the rest, how long will it take me to gain enlightenment?” The master said, “Ten years.” 

The boy said, “Well, if I work day and night and double my efforts, how long will it take?” The master said, “Twenty years.” Now the boy talked of further achievement and the master said, “Thirty years.” 

The boy replied, “Why do you keep adding years?” And the master answered, “Since you will have one eye on the goal, there will only be one eye left to have on the work. That will slow you down immeasurably.”


Trade Eagerness for Commitment

Commitment is more important than eagerness. I am not saying, in any way, that enthusiasm for our spiritual evolution is not important because it is. However, spiritual evolution is not a race. Impatience to “arrive” at ascension will slow us down rather than speed us up.

Steady, daily commitment to spiritual practice will get us farther faster than overloading the lower-self with intense studies and hard work. For example, daily meditation is important, and it is natural to want to spend more time in a meditative state as one moves higher in frequency. But learning to live our love in all we do and embracing the lessons of experience requires being out in the world.

Everyone seriously on the spiritual path should understand the importance of presence. Being fully present in each moment and focusing on the now are keystones to mastery. Eagerness to get there quicker or to prove how evolved we think we are will rob us of the true awareness of what we need and who we are.

Detach from the Process – Really?

Yes, detach from the process and relax. Do your daily meditation, your clearing, and your energy work but do not be attached to how quickly things are moving. Human beings can be very impatient. We tend to want it now. This will not help us reach ascension.

Be gentle and humble as you move toward full mastery one patient step at a time. Embrace your personal process whatever it might be. Remember that we each have our personal spiritual suitcase packed for this life. What you are working on may be totally different than what someone is working on. Let go of comparisons, competition, judgment, and pressure. Allow yourself to move as quickly or as slowly as you need to move at this moment. Focus on how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go. Trade eagerness for commitment and achievement for presence. This is the road to your mastery.

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