Are you still holding on to the experiment? Why? The Experiment in Duality is over but are you ready and willing to let it go? Are you ready and willing to know yourself as Source, to know yourself as pure love? These questions may seem like no-brainers but if they were, we would be home in the light already. Maybe we are not as ready as we want to think we are.


What is the experiment?

I have written many posts and a book about the experiment so I will not spend much time repeating the details here. In short, the Experiment in Duality is an experiment in the separation from the Divine Will of Source. It began during the age of Atlantis and is finally coming to an end.

The Experiment in Duality was created to expand our knowledge of unconditional love and to test our abilities as great beings of light. We volunteered to come into the darkness of temporary amnesia to learn about the energies of separation, to push the edge of the envelope of evolution, and return to the light. What seemed easy on the surface was more challenging than expected. However, we are finally on the edge of completion for those who are ready to go home.

An experiment is a test, a trial or tentative procedure, especially one for discovering something unknown or testing a principle or procedure. We have learned all that we can learn about duality and separation from our love and light. The experiment has been a rousing success. Now it is time to dismantle the stage set and throw a great cast party. It is time to let go of the pain, know only love, and move on to the next project.


The challenge of letting go

I found a lovely poem by the 14th Century Sufi poet, Hafiz.

Just sit there right now. Don’t do a thing. Just rest. For your separation from God is the hardest work in this world.

 Let me bring you trays of food and something that you like to drink.

 You can use my soft words as a cushion for your head.

The experience of separation may be the hardest work we have done in the history of creation. We have learned what is required for unconditional love–love no matter what–but forgiveness does not come as easily as it should. We understand that our true nature is light but we have been in the darkness a long time. For many, the light seems unattainable, but it is not. The light shines in each one of us no matter what our experiences here have been. We simply need to be ready and willing to see it, feel it, and accept it. It is time to stop holding on to the experiment as real because it is not.

How many times have you heard me say that? Hundreds, I am sure.  Because lessons are repeated until learned, I will be guided to keep saying that until we all get it 100%, including me. I have not ascended yet either.


Stop holding on

It really is simple: non-judgment, acceptance, forgiveness. It is time to make the process as easy as it is simple. Stop holding on to the pain of separation. Follow Hafiz’ words.

  1. Be still. Do not do a thing. We do not find salvation through what we do. We find it through becoming love, through the resonances of non-judgment, acceptance, and forgiveness. Let go of the need to do things and allow yourself to let go of everything that gives you pain.
  1. Enjoy life. Take time to nurture yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is not only OK to be good to yourself, it is essential. What do you think self-love is? It is loving yourself in all ways no matter what.
  1. Surround yourself in loving thoughts and words. Immerse yourself in what reinforces love. Allow yourself to be loved and let go of the pain of separation.

We each have choices to make every day that either move us closer to love and the end of duality or move us further from love and keep us stuck. These choices seem difficult to the lower-self because the lower-self wants to believe that the physical world is real. The lower-self wants to believe that the physical world is important.

Stop holding on to the illusion. Let go of ego-gratification. Shift your focus from the turmoil of the outer world to the beauty of the inner world. Remember that you are a child of light.


Use my soft words as a cushion for your head

You are a unique, important, and cherished aspect of Source. There is an old saying, “God don’t make no mistakes.” Grammar aside, this only seems to hold until judgment creeps in and people find themselves in the rights and wrongs of religious teachings. Religions are man-made. To Source, there are no mistakes. There are only roads to learning. There is only the divine purpose in every experience.

As a unique, important, and cherished aspect of Source, you have been designed to explore. Not only have you explored, you have done it brilliantly. You have pushed the envelope of duality and separation to its limit and now it is time to relax. Now, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and know the joy of being alive. It really is simple: non-judgment, acceptance, forgiveness.

Clear your subconscious of all past life memories. Embrace only the perfection of who you are in this moment. You are beautiful. You are love and light of Source. Let go of anyone and anything that tells you that you are not. Stop buying into the illusion and know yourself as Source knows you–whole, complete, and perfect.

If you are guided, you can get more details on the Experiment in Duality and how to end it in Ascension: The End of Duality. Whichever path you choose, find one that helps you let go. Stop holding on to what gives you pain. Stop holding on to the experiment and know yourself as pure love.

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