Fear has been a primary survival tool for the lower-self since the beginning of life on this planet. This fear is the experience for all creatures who have been participating in the Experiment in Duality. The need for fear not only affects how we live inside the illusion, but it also affects our spiritual evolution.

Early man survived because he was always on alert. One never knew when a predator might appear, and the choice would be fight or flight. That has not changed in human psychology. Most people still tune into what they should worry about and what they should fear so that they can protect themselves from it. The lower-self is afraid to let go of fear because fear can make the lower-self feel safe.

Fear for survival is one reason negative news sells and why it is so easy to push fake news and political lies. Human beings are easy to manipulate if one can generate enough fear, not because people are stupid, but because they want to survive. Our challenge is to change this energy individually and collectively so that we can create our own evolution and spiritual community for all on Earth.

Fear of Ascension

Understanding the need for fear for survival as part of our human psyche is reasonably easy. However, I find most spiritual students underestimate the impact that fear of Ascension has on their process. I know this was true for me for many years. When I understood and accepted fear as a survival tool for my lower-self, I was able to heal my fears and move forward more quickly.

Our conscious minds may tell us that we do not fear the God/Goddess or Source, but our subconscious minds are another story. We have lifetimes of fear-based beliefs from religious teachings and personal experiences. How many of us have been threatened with hell if we did not toe the line? How about the threat of being reincarnated at as cockroach if we do not live the right way? How many of us have been punished for the slight infractions, much less the major ones? The subconscious stores all these memories, which create fear of what lies beyond this life.

The fear of the unknown is only one of the two biggies. The other is the fear of losing power. The mental body of the lower-self has been in charge since our first incarnations. It is not excited about surrender to the guidance of the soul, the self-as-Source, and fights to hold on to control. Combine the fear of the unknown and the fear of losing control, and the lower-self fights for the survival of life as it knows it. The lower-self is not that excited about Ascension, or it would gladly surrender.

The New Survival Tool

Your truth is your tool for spiritual survival. The physical world is not your truth. Your physical body is not your truth. Your light is your truth. You are the light at the end of the road, but you must stay on track to transcend your fear and realize yourself-as-Source.

Raising one’s frequency through one’s spiritual process is how one overcomes fear as a tool for survival. That is your challenge now. Stay with your practices and rise above the fear generated by the election, the pandemic, the riots, the economy, and so on. Raise yourself above what is happening in the illusion and see the process of healing. Look for those silver linings for yourself and share them with others. You might not pull others out of their fear, but don’t let them pull you into theirs.

You are powerful beyond all human measure. Allow yourself to feel that power, to be that power. Do not surrender to the fears of others. Surrender to yourself as light and transcend fear as a survival tool. You are eternal. Embrace your truth and be the masters that you are.


Image by My Pictures from pixaby.com