What are you looking for and where do you think you will find it? One of the great spiritual one-liners is that all of our answers are inside ourselves. Is that where you are looking?

Many people refer to themselves as seekers. This is a long-used term for those searching for the answers, searching for spiritual truth and wisdom. Even I use similar terminology when I speak of the journey, the path, the road. But these are only metaphors for the process of remembering.

Nothing is out there. Everything is in here.

Everything is in here. Nothing can be found, only remembered. As my God-Self used to say to me:

“What you are looking for does not exist.”

What we experience in the outer world is merely to jog our memories of who we are as spiritual masters. The outer world is the mirror of where we are at each moment in our spiritual “journey” of remembering. Each reflection is a reminder of what we have healed and what we have not. Each reminder is an insight as to what we have fully remembered, what we have fully mastered, and what we have not.

Our spiritual recovery demands going within and focusing on doing what raises our frequency. We regain our spiritual memory as our frequency goes higher. We can use the outer world as a platform but nothing we truly need is out there. It is all in here.

Meditation is always the first step. We need to get out of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to experience our true spiritual state. However, it is also important to remember that we chose to have this physical experience as a way of learning about ourselves. We can consciously use the outer world to help us remember who we are.

Here are some steps to take.

  • Be ready to be totally honest with yourself about who you are now, not who you want to believe you are.
  • Be present in each moment and recognize the mirrors. All the great masters and great teachings talk about the importance of being present. However, if you are present but not observing and owning the mirrors, you are missing excellent opportunities for personal insights and transformation.
  • Be aware of all that you are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing at each moment. Be present with your actions and motivations to gain an understanding of who you are at this stage of your evolution.
  • Take what you learn into meditation. Ask Source to help you heal and move deeper into your memory of your spiritual self.
  • Use forms of energy work to raise your frequency: resonances, reiki, toning, singing, dancing, laughing, and whatever gets you spiritually high.

As long as we are looking outside ourselves for answers instead of insights, the longer the recovery of our spiritual memory takes. What you are looking for out there does not exist. Dissolve the illusion and know who you are as love, as light, as a spiritual master. Your journey is perfect. Embrace it. Use it. Evolve through it. Use it to remember who you are.

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