Kris Duffy introduced me to the concept of a Bill of Responsibility in January of 2000. She taught that with freedom comes responsibility for that freedom. Well, of course!

If one does an internet search on a bill of responsibility, one will find many sites from many organizations sharing their visions of what that means. Some of these are based strictly on the original Ten Amendments and state item per item responsibilities to freedoms. Others are more general views on the nature of freedom. Some are very practical in terms of steps to take in the 3rd-dimensional world and others are esoteric and spiritually based. They are all valuable and worth reading.

Misuse of Freedom

We have all heard that with great power comes great responsibility for how one uses that power. The same is true of freedom. Just because you can say or do something does not mean that you should. For a spiritual being, individual freedoms must align with the highest good of all. When does an individual’s freedom take precedence over the desires of the whole and when does the good of the whole overrule the freedom of an individual? Our lower-selves might not always be able to answer those questions, but our souls can.

I have been fascinated by the individual responses to the stay-at-home orders and guidelines for personal and public safety during the COVID-19 experience. Some people are very diligent and concerned they might pass the virus to others unknowingly. They are voluntarily putting their personal freedoms in alignment with the highest good of all. Other people are stamping their feet and complaining, “This is a free country and you can’t make me!” These people are acting “irresponsibly” toward the good of their communities. I am not in judgment of this behavior. I am just observing with fascination.

What have you observed? Which of your buttons are being pushed? Are you taking the time to be aware and clear?

Your Bill of Responsibility

I often thought of adding such a bill to the Standing in the Light® program but I was never guided to do so. I believe the reason was the same reason I am not including one in this post.

You are each Source. You are each capable of tapping into the higher wisdom of this universe. I suggest you sit quietly with a pencil and paper, connect to your soul, and ask for your divine Bill of Responsibility. You do not need to know what mine is, you only need to know what yours is.

Reach for mastery of the inner and the outer world and discover your personal path to divine freedom. If any of you want to share, I would love to hear from you. Stay safe and keep shining!


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