Your mirrors are like your dreams. Everyone is you. The ancient spiritual teaching that everyone we meet is, in some way, a mirror of who we are is as important today as it was the first day it was voiced. Many people balk at this notion but it is the same principle that psychologists apply to our dreams.

The Principles of Mirrors and Dreams

Psychologists know that unresolved issues and “subconscious residue” come to our awareness through our dreams. This is why many therapists request a dream journal for review in sessions. Psychologists also understand that because the issues are ours, every character in a dream represents us. Everyone in your dreams is you.

The metaphysical principle of mirrors is the same. When we realize that we are all one and that everyone is an aspect of Source, we realize that everyone we meet is connected to us and, therefore, reflects something about who we are in relationship to ourselves and others. Unfortunately, the principle of mirrors is often misunderstood and this powerful tool for growth often goes unused.

The reflections in our mirrors are based on our perceptions of people and situations. What you see in someone might not be what I see in someone because we have different perceptions based on what we have each healed or not healed. Something bothers you might not bother me and vice versa.

What Does It Mean?

The reflections we see in the mirrors of those around us take many forms and might not be as obvious as what appears on the surface. Something that we dislike in another person could be a direct mirror of a trait in ourselves that we have denied. Or, the mirror image could be subtler.

Another mirror is the mirror of judgment. Maybe you are always on time and find yourself judging those who are late. Perhaps this pushes your buttons because somewhere, in this life or another, you created problems by being late and have not forgiven yourself; or you were hurt by someone being late and you project that pain onto others rather than forgiving the past; or you still believe time is real and put more importance on it than is appropriate. There are other possibilities as well. The point is, this is your mirror because it is your issue.

Just like our dreams are mirrors of us, our memories are mirrors of us as well. Some time ago, I found myself obsessed with the memory of an incident with a friend. I knew I had forgiven her for what had happened, so why could I not get this out of my mind? The answer, of course, was that I had not fully forgiven myself, so the mirror kept reflecting my issues until I realized what I still needed to heal.

Owning Our Light and Our Shadow

There are endless examples of how those around us reflect our issues. When we truly understand that we are all one, understanding the mirror principle is easy. As long as we perceive ourselves as separate from others, we tend to reject the mirrors.

It is very important to remember that people also mirror all of the beauty and greatness that we are as well. We can get so focused on what we want to improve in ourselves that we forget to recognize how glorious we already are. Please, look for those positively affirming mirrors.

When we are aware of the mirrors around us, we will learn what we need to recognize and accept about ourselves. Pay attention to the people around you. They bring the messages that will help you grow and help you appreciated who you already are.

Remember that this is your illusion and you are creating what you need for your ascension. Your perception of everyone and everything is the important factor, not what others might believe or perceive. The meaning of your mirrors is for you, not for others.

Your mirrors are like your dreams. Everyone is you. Trying to run from your dreams does not work. Trying to run from your mirrors does not work either. Embrace it all and find your perfection.


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