Your name is important. Your parents pondered many choices for many reasons and, believe it or not, you helped.

Names have meanings. A child in the womb has great influence over the parents’ final choice even if a family name being passed down. Your name was not an accident. It was chosen with purpose and that purpose is a key to your power.

In this lifetime, I was born Marsha Kay Gemin (pronounced “gummin” like “come in”). I heard the family stories about why I was named Marsha Kay. I never gave any thought to the meaning of my name until I seriously started my spiritual path twenty years ago. When I started waking up, I came to understand that there is a spiritual purpose in everything, including my name.

The Meaning of My Name

Marsha is the feminine version of Marshall meaning “martial” and connected to Mars, the warrior planet. People who have known me for some time will see that quality both in my old 3-D warrior-self and in the spiritual warrior I am today.

Kay means pearl. Pearl means “the finest example of something” and is associated with purity and wisdom. It is the oldest known gem and is connect to Gemini. I have been to many spiritual retreats over the last twenty years where participants were given names based on their energies. My names always included some aspect of wisdom–Wisdom of the Light, Voice of Wisdom, Wisdom Comes, etc. I did not understand why I was labeled as having such wisdom because I did not see myself as that wise. Over the years, I have come to realize that I am strongly drawn to the underlying meaning of things. I have also come to understand that, in the Hindu tradition, my path to Ascension is the Path of Wisdom.

That brings us to the connection of pearl to Gemini. Even though my maiden name is pronounced “gummin,” I cannot mistake the Gemini in Gemin. While it is not my birth sign, I see qualities of Gemini reflected in the primary focus of what I have come to do. The original symbol of Gemini was a young woman and a young man reflecting each other. The twin energies of the male and female necessary for Christ Consciousness and evolution into Oneness. Gemini is ruled by Venus and Mercury–the feminine messenger from God.

Therefore, I am the Warrior Pearl of Gemini. My purpose in this life is to share Divine Wisdom through my writings, my classes, and my daily communications with others. What does your name say about you?

Your Name is Important

If you are still searching for your purpose in this life or are trying to gain greater insight into yourself as a spiritual being, explore the meaning of your name. I have come to understand the meaning of my name in hindsight.

Your name has a meaning and that meaning has power. Your name is not insignificant and it was not thrust upon you. If you do not like your name, discover what it means, ask your soul why it was chosen, and heal any animosity you feel toward it. Be proud and delighted with the energies you have brought with you to be of service to humanity. They are part of who you are as a child of The God/Goddess All That is. It is time to rejoice in who you are.

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