If you’re like me, you have heard many people thankful that 2020 has ended. You might be one of them. This a great time for each of us to ask ourselves what we have learned and what we want our futures to be.

Let Go and Start Anew

As always, we have “good” and “bad” to look back on. This year has been filled with ugliness and hate. The rising frequencies have been pushing humanity to its limits and cleansing us of lifetimes of pent-up emotions. We have had to learn to live differently due to COVID-19. We have been stressed as a society more than we have been in decades.

But the year has also been filled with divinity, laughter, and grace. We have had opportunities to be flexible, creative, and caring. I know we can all make a list of positive things that have happened and things to be grateful for in 2020. My husband and I have made new friends by sheltering in place in our camper and created a new sense of family with them. We have spent times in places we would only have passed through in “normal” times and had great adventures. We have had to learn to do many things differently and trust the universe in our creations. It has been an incredible year in so many ways.

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This year has definitely been a mirror of the breakdown that will allow us to achieve the breakthrough. We haven’t hit the peak of breakdown, but we are getting closer. The more of us who hold the vision of love, compassion, and forgiveness, the more rapidly and gracefully we can move from the old paradigm to the new. We merely have to shine our light and work together with love.

2020 Has Ended

What do you want for yourself, your country, and your planet for 2021? You know that you cannot consciously create without having and holding a vision for what you want.

I encourage you to write down your next year’s vision in detail. Next, write down why you want the components of your vision because these translate into the resonances you need to hold to create the vision. What do you want to accomplish and feel?

Make a list of the feeling states. Use your resonances techniques, plan a manifesting ceremony, and create your vision. Action steps are always important but remember the Law of Attraction. You must be that which you wish to create. That requires becoming the frequency of what you desire.

2020 has ended, and you are the creator of 2021. You can create peace and prosperity in the midst of chaos when you remember who you are. Be love and shine your light to lead the way for others.


Image by Gerd Altmann from pixaby.com