I’ve never been guided to make a New Year’s challenge. Each January I ask you to check with your soul on the one or two primary resonances for your focus during the coming year. These are very personal because we are at different places in our processes with a variety of different needs. However, every human being on the planet will benefit and take huge leaps forward if choosing to take on Spirit’s challenge.

Make one of your 2020 goals to trade your fears for hope. That means healing your fears and replacing them with the resonance of (and the experience of) Divine Hope–the knowingness that we are all going home to our light no matter path we might walk.

The World is a Better Place

Around the planet, people are worried about the future. People are in fear for themselves, their families, their countries, and Mother Earth. The mainstream news media feeds on fear and “bad” news. People are too quick to believe that the sky is falling. However, all is not as bad as it seems on the surface and the sky is not falling.

Do an internet search on “good things in the world 2019,” “the world is getting better 2019,” or “how the world is improving.” You will find dozens of articles on how the world is better than it has ever been.

  • Global prosperity is on the rise.
  • The global middle class is larger than ever.
  • People are healthier and living longer than ever before.
  • There are fewer wars than at any time in recorded history.
  • Famine in decreasing.
  • IQs are higher around the world.
  • Technology is providing communication and job opportunities for the next generations.

Yes, there are situations that need healing and many issues that need our attention. However, having an awareness of what is happening around the world and in your country is not the same as being sucked into fear of what is happening. Everything goes through cycles. The pendulum swings from right to left and back again. Accepting the process is part of our mastery. Focusing on the positive is part of our mastery as well, and there is always something positive in every situation.

Your New Year’s Challenge

Third-dimensional hope is the desire for a specific result, for what the lower-self wants to happen. But, the lower-self cannot see the entire plan and does not know what others need for their process. The lower-self forgets that everything must go through its cycles and the pendulum must swing until it finds its balance.

Divine Hope is the knowingness that we are all going home to our light no matter what path we might walk. It is the understanding and acceptance that everyone and everything is evolving whether we can see it or not. Divine Hope is the understanding that there are reasons for everything and everything has a purpose. It is the detachment from how things look because we know that things are often not as they seem.

My last post of 2019 was Sometimes You Gotta Go through It. Sometimes you have to face your fears and walk through them to let them go and heal. And, sometimes you have to go through the experience before you can understand it and come out on the other side. More importantly, the wise spiritual student, like Donna, recognizes that all the fears are illusions.

This year, trade those illusions for Divine Hope. We have sayings such as “every cloud has a silver lining” and “it’s always darkest before the dawn” because they are true. Are you living and creating from your light or your dark? Are you focusing on your evolution or worrying about what others are doing? Do you judge the path that others might need to take for where they are in the conga line? Are you ready to let go and fully be your light?

Mastering the Challenge

Master this New Year’s challenge by having awe and wonder at the enfoldment of the Divine Plan for yourself and for others.

  • Be in fascination, not frustration.
  • Clear the judgments from what pushes your buttons.
  • Look for what is good about each situation.
  • Look for the learning and growth opportunities.
  • Let go of the lower-self’s expectations and trust.
  • Remember that you do not know more than Source.
  • Be a model of spiritual mastery for others.

Work with the following divine resonances. Ask for the highest frequency of these resonances that your being will accept:

  • Awe and Wonder
  • Allowing
  • Detachment
  • Non-judgment
  • Fascination
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Surrender

Stand in the power of Divine Hope and create your reality from your light. Hold your frequency high and keep shining. Be the master that you are. Accept Spirit’s New Year’s change and make 2020 a true leap year!

Photo from pixaby.com