Few people like being tested, but challenges tell us how far we have come and how far we have to go. We will each be tested many times on our road to spiritual mastery. That is the process so we might as well embrace it.

Understanding the Pendulum of Evolution

Many of you are familiar with Buddha’s Pendulum but some of you might not have heard this teaching. The energy of each issue we need to heal swings like a pendulum from right to left. That means from the male energy to the female energy. To achieve spiritual mastery, we must heal both the male and female energies that are out of alignment to find perfect balance.

If the pendulum swings too far right, the energy swings back to the left to try to find the balance point. However, if the issue is not healed, the momentum of the pendulum takes it too far left. Then, the energy swings the pendulum back to the right in another attempt to find balance. The momentum of the swing continues to decrease until the pendulum comes to stillness in the center. When we have healed all issues on both the right and the left, we have achieved spiritual mastery. This process applies to us individually and collectively.

The picture in this post is not a traditional pendulum. It is Newton’s Pendulum or Newton’s Cradle. The energy of this pendulum is different. When a ball is lifted and let go from one side, it collides with the stationary balls in the center. The energy of the first ball colliding carries through and moves the ball on the far end into its swing. When that ball swings back, it collides with the same amount of energy as the first ball. This exchange of energy continues until something intercedes to stop the swing.

When we attack an issue from one side in fear, anger, or judgment, the energy on the other side of the issue attacks in return. The naturally declining swing of Buddha’s Pendulum allows healing. The unrelenting swing of Newton’s perpetuates the problem.

Being Tested

In the eastern traditions and the ancient mystery schools, serious spiritual students worked closely with a master teacher. The master was always watchful to help students see when they were being tested so that they could face their issues and heal.

In the west, we have a different system. While “seekers” take classes and read books, most westerns are working on their issues on their own. Self-awareness is not always easy. Those who have gone through Standing in the Light®, know that we encourage monthly private sessions with a trained facilitator to help students identify what they might be denying and how to heal their issues. However, whether we are working on our own or with help, we must be aware of our tests and what they mean to us.

Anyone familiar with metaphysics and the Law of Attraction, that like energy attracts like energy, understands that things happen for reasons. This is not the same as things happen because they are supposed to. The first is empowering because we can look for reasons and see what we need to heal. The second is disempowering and gives away our power.

We are being tested individually, as a nation, and as a planet. Whether we are working with a master teacher or working on our own, we must honestly look within and examine the mirrors. We must own the reasons for the fear, the anger, and the judgment and heal ourselves if we are to create lasting change and master the swing of the pendulum.

Mastering the Swing

Mastering the swing of the pendulum does not need to be difficult but it can be challenging. The challenge is why it feels like a test. We must be aware of what we are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing at all times…and why.

We all know it is the why that is important. We find our answers in the why. Why are my buttons being pushed? Why are my buttons not being pushed when other people’s are?

What fear, anger, and judgment have I healed or not healed? Why?

Ask yourself what you truly want and then ask your soul how to achieve it. When we allow and accept the flow of the energy of Buddha’s Pendulum, we can understand the natural order of change. We can look at our own mirrors and know what we need to heal for ourselves. If we fight the energy and return it with equal force like Newton’s Pendulum, we will be stuck.

We need to embrace these challenging times and the tests that they present. They are our road to mastery when we are willing to look honestly at our issues and commit ourselves to healing them. Healing the inner is the only way to heal the outer. To quote the beloved Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.


Image by 3D Animation Production Company from pixaby.com