Taking the leap can be scary. We have all stood on the precipice of some action, trying got decide whether or not we have the courage to take the leap. Even baby birds face this challenge.

The Osprey Learns to Fly

My husband and I were watching a family of ospreys with some friends at Grand Lake, CO a few summers ago. The four of us are wildlife lovers, so we often pause during hikes to watch something interesting.

We had been observing a pair of ospreys raising their little ones for several days. This day, the parents had finally gotten the babies out of the nest. The adults were soaring in gentle circles with one of their young while the other two babies sat on a limb not too far from the nest. One of the adults would occasionally swoop by the limb to try to coax the two frightened babes into flight. Soon, one of the two took the leap and began flying with the family. Now, Mom and Dad only had one more to persuade to fly.

About five minutes passed with no movement from the last baby osprey. One of the parents (I’ll say Dad) flew to the lake, came back with a fish, and made figure eights in front of the youngster keeping the tasty snack just out of its reach. I guess the use of food as bribery is not exclusive to humans.

However, the frightened baby continued to sit, glued to the tree branch, not taking the leap.

Dad finally gave up. He dropped the fish, circled behind his offspring, and knocked it off the branch. The little one fell about five feet, naturally spread its wings, and effortlessly took off to join the rest of the family.

Taking the Leap

Are you still clinging to a branch instead of taking the leap? If so, know that everything you need is natural to you when you allow yourself to remember who you are. Your power, wisdom, and skills as a master are resting in your cellular member, waiting for you to awaken to them and soar into your greatness. Do not hold back. Take the leap before you get pushed off.

Source will love and support you for eternity, but you cannot be carried forever. At some point, you must make the choice to stand in your power and take the leap. Make the choice to soar today, and enjoy the flight!


Image by Anne & Saturnino Miranda from pixaby.com