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This is the most beautiful and enlightening book. It gave me a wonderful sense of hope. I would recommend it to anyone. ~Donna Z.

I found this book to be spot on and it was exactly the perspective on things I needed to hear. ~Greg V.

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<strong>Chapter 1
The Road to Here</strong>

For no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, nor does one put it in a hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a stand that all who come and go will see its light.
–<em>The Gospel of Thomas, verse 33</em>, as translated by Marvin Meyer

We each have our story. My road to this stage of my evolution is probably not that exciting to anyone but me, but it is the road I have traveled and how I got to here is important. I am most grateful to those who have shared their stories of spontaneous awakenings and dramatic journeys into their spiritual enlightenment. Those stories kept me going whenever I began to question whether I was going crazy or just waking up to who I am as God. However, most people wake up and move into the experience of their light one small, medium, or large step at a time in a way that seems uneventful to others, but has powerful impact on who they are and how they find their way home to their light.

We have all been on a journey of spiritual evolution from the moment we were each created as a unique aspect of Source. Everything in physical creation has a cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death. That is because the physical world is limited and one thing must end for another to begin. The spiritual realm, however, is endless. As the spiritual beings that we are, our growth and evolution are eternal. We never die. We continue to expand.

The part of us that exists beyond our physical form is our true self. Many metaphors have been put forth to explain how we got here and how we can exist in both physical and spiritual form. It is often said that we are spiritual beings having a human (or earthly) experience. As the human beings we are, we often see ourselves as small and insignificant. As the spiritual beings we are, we know ourselves as unlimited and are always looking for ways to expand ourselves as part of Source.

Just like everyone on the planet, I volunteered to be here as part of the Experiment in Duality. It took quite a few years for me to understand and accept that I was not a victim of this earthly creation but came by choice as an empowered creator. The concept that what we have been through on earth is part of a divine experiment in which we chose to participate is not always well received, but this teaching has been given to us many times by many great masters. Once I understood the purpose and accepted the perfection of it all, the road to the remembrance of who I am got much easier and much more joyful. I have come to truly appreciate the gift of this experience and am grateful for my choice to play this game.

Of course, I did not always feel that way. I have kicked and screamed on my road to Oneness and Ascension as many times as I have sung and danced. Most of the journey has been expansive and exciting, but everyone has to face his or her demons and I am no different. While we might understand intellectually that we are light and love and blessed children of the God/Goddess/All That Is, we must move through many levels of dogma, subconscious beliefs and programmed behaviors to fully accept ourselves as the true beings of light and love that we are. We have to clear away the layers of lack of forgiveness for what we perceive we have done wrong to know the truth of ourselves as the God/Goddess in our hearts, end the duality of the experiment, and ascend into pure light. While we have always been light and love, and can only be light and love, we have been buried in the darkness of this experience for a very long time and need to allow ourselves the patience to come back into our god-selves. It is time to let go.

We created an intricate and fascinating experiment in separation throughout this universe. An experiment is defined as a test, a trial or tentative procedure, especially one for the purpose of discovering something unknown or testing a principle or procedure. I will explain my understanding of the Experiment in Duality and why we chose to experience separation later, but I will say now that we did a bang-up job of pushing the experiment to its limits. We have gone as far as we can possibly go into the experience of separation, and all we have to do now is come back out. This can be as simple and easy as we allow it to be through our trust and surrender.

Do we have to surrender and come out? No, but I highly recommend it! The love and joy on the other side are too good to pass up.

Book Description

Book Description:

Do you wonder where humanity is headed? Discover how chaos is moving us closer to Oneness. Transform your fears into hope, your judgments into joy.

In this age of enlightenment, people are searching for a deeper understanding of universal truth and a way to reconcile the spiritual nature of humanity. For more than eighteen years, Marsha has helped students from around the world find the wisdom and the power to walk the path of mastery.

Ascension: The End of Duality takes a non-dogmatic approach to our journey back into Oneness. Marsha shares insights and perspectives gained from her personal experiences in seeking spiritual mastery and from those of her students, who have grown exponentially through her programs. She explains who we are and why we are here in an easy to understand style that will leave you with a sense of hope and optimism.

You will discover:

  • How false perceptions of duality block your path to Oneness
  • How your spiritual suitcase affects your life and how to use it for healing
  • How to step out of the illusion to find your power
  • How to overcome judgments, especially of yourself
  • 10 steps to knowing your full light and experiencing yourself as Source

Ascension is both a process and a destination. To get where you want to go, you need to know where you are going and how to get there. If you want to experience your spiritual mastery and know Oneness with all that is, this book will answer your questions and help you find your next steps. To learn from Marsha is to learn from the heart.

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and How They Steal Your Power

Ascension - The End of Duality Book Cover



Every now and then you meet a guide on the ascent that makes your hike a little easier. Marsha is one such guide. ~Brian Luke Seaward, author of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water: Reflections on Stress and Human Spirituality

Marsha could talk to a rock and the rock would be transformed. ~Marjo Star, host of Living Out Loud

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Excerpt from
<strong>5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power</strong>
By Marsha Hankins

In this first book of The False Belief Series: Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Destiny, I have been guided to write about five basic false beliefs about duality. These false beliefs prevent us from fully understandingour perceptions of separation from the light and how to change them. We cannot ascend to the full remembrance of who we are until we are ready to let go of the false beliefs that limit us in our ability to fullystand in our power as the creators. We cannot know ourselves as one with Source until we resolve our perception of separation on all levels. It is not intellectual knowledge that we seek. It is the integrationandassimilation of these truths that we seek in order to know ourselves as Source.

Duality is not the way of the universe. Duality is an energy, a concept, that was created inside the Great Experiment—Experiment in Duality. It was never meant to cause grief or suffering. It was meant to expand us into greater unconditional love.

I know that sounds absurd at first, but it is one of the great spiritual paradoxes, of which there are many. However, once I understood and accepted the Experiment in Duality I found it much easier to put the pieces of my personal puzzle together. Understanding the experiment, what we are doing here, and why, opened up a new world of possibilities for me.

As I wrote in Ascension, “Understanding the Experiment in Duality helped me put the stories in perspective. I could put every creation story into the format of the experiment and understand it. I could begin to look at everyone and everything with greater compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Understanding the experiment and my role in it allowed me to release the judgment of myself and others much more quickly than IbelieveI ever could have done on another path of study.”

Duality is not our true nature. Our “original divine blueprint” is that of Oneness—knowing no separation from Source. In Oneness with all things, there is only peace, unity, and flow. Everyone, and everything, operates in alignment with the Divine Plan for the highest good of all.

Duality is an experiment in separation from Source. It is an experiment in separating Divine Will (what serves the highest good of all) from individual will (what serves me). Duality is not the battle between the lightand dark or the separation of the male and female. Those are relationships resulting from our experiences and perceptions inside the experiment.

Before the Experiment in Duality, we operated from “Thy will not my will be done.” Inside the experiment, we operated from “my will not Thy will be done.” The opportunity to choose a path that was not basedonthe needs of the whole gave individuals an opportunity to choose what suited them alone. These choices created the experience of separation and the “negativity” that followed.

Going to various dictionaries we find the following definitions:
<li>Duality is the condition of being “dual”—being of two parts. It is the contrast between two concepts, two aspects, two factions, etc.</li>
<li>Separation is the action of moving, or being moved, apart. It is a division of the components or parts.</li>
When we consider these definitions, we can see that duality (the opportunity to choose between two different wills or desires) created the experience of separation (division between the parts). This may not seem like an important distinction at first, but it is a very helpful one when trying to understand how to move back into Oneness. Instead of trying to “heal” separation we merely need to make choices that are in the highest good of the whole. When we make choices based on the highest good of everyone involved instead of choices based on the lower-self’s desires, separation will eventually dissolve. It has to.

Adding to the confusion is the concept of polarity, which is often used interchangeably with duality and separation. While dictionaries might use “duality” and “separation” as synonyms for polarity, they are not. They have similarities but they are not the same, especially in metaphysics.

Going back to the dictionary we find the following definitions:
<li>Polarity is the state of having two opposite or contradictory principles or aspects, and</li>
<li>Polarity is the relationship between two opposite characteristics or traits.</li>
The difference of polarity versus duality and separation is very important to understanding who we are and how we find our way out of the experiment. I will discuss this a little later. For now, let’s remain focused on the duality of choice.

I am often asked how Divine Power, our creative power as aspects of Source, is reflected in the difference between choices for the highest good all and choices for what we want individually. After all, we are constantly told that we are all-powerful, that we are God, and that we can create anything we want.

Those statements are true but they must be kept in the context of who we were before we entered duality. Only in separation do we wish to create something that is not in the highest good of all. As our consciousnessshifts from duality back into Oneness, we begin to remember that what is in the highest good of the whole is always in the highest good of the individual. Divine Power is always focused toward bringing us back into Oneness, not toward creating more separation by putting individual desire first. Only through total surrender to our divine selves do we find our total power. It is another spiritual paradox that whenwe no longer want anything for ourselves, we can have everything we want.

Many people teach that duality is essential because creative energy is the flow of opposites. Yes, creative energy is the flow of opposites. It is the constant flow of male and female energy that keeps the universe alive. Themale energy flows outward and the female energy flows inward. A balanced flow gives us the day and night, the in-breath and out-breath, the wax and wane of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, and so forth. However,opposites do not have to be in duality. It is only inside the experiment that the duality of opposites exists.

To understand this difference, we need to go back to the dictionary.
<li>Duality is the condition of being “dual”—being of two parts. It is the contrast between two concepts, two aspects, two factions, etc. They face away from each other.</li>
<li>Opposites are positions on the other side of something, usually the other side of the same issue. They face each other.</li>
While duality creates separation between two parts, opposites are simply holding (or grounding) the other side of the same energy. In the fifth dimensional consciousness of the higher realms, opposites flow in harmony,cooperation, unity, and oneness for the highest good of all. In the third dimensional consciousness of the experiment, duality of choice has pushed us into conflict between “opposites.” Just as with the ifference in the terms “duality” and “separation,” this distinction may seem subtle and unimportant, but it is extremely valuable to understanding where we have been and how we get back to the experience of Oneness.

I have a guided meditation that I often teach in class in which I take people to what my master teacher, Kris Duffy, call the Cosmic Club Med. We begin sitting in the light of our truth, remembering who we were before coming to Earth. We remember how excited we were to enter the experiment and learn from something no one else in creation had ever experienced. We fly from the Cosmic Club Med toward Earth full of anticipation and wonder. However, when we hit that “darkness” for the first time, it does not seem quite so wonderful.

I remember the first time I did this meditation for myself. I was really pumped up I could hardly wait to leave the club and head for the experiment. My original descent was exhilarating. I knew this was going to be challenging. I knew we were taking a chance. But, adventure and expansion had called and I had answered.

I felt the energy shift as I seemed to leave the light and enter the darkness of duality. The contrast was such a shock that I needed time to orient myself to my new environment. I had never made choices that were not in the highest good of all. I wasn’t even sure what to do, but I had come to learn from the experience of duality so I began to experiment.

Not only did I learn to make choices that increased my sense of separation from the whole, I excelled! When students and clients don’t want to look at what they have done in other lifetimes because they feel so guilty, I can honestly tell them that they cannot have done anything “worse” than what I have done in the past. This is what we came to learn. We volunteered to come here to learn about the results of duality and how to heal them. No one knew exactly what was going to happen. It was an experiment!

I often refer to us as the extreme athletes of the Spiritual Warriors. We are the adventurers. We are the volunteers who go where no one else has gone before. All of creation is watching us in fascination and wondering how we are going to get out of this. We might be the hottest show on SOURCE-TV—at least one of the top two.

When we let go of our judgment, guilt, and shame we will remember the beauty, perfection, and divinity of it all. We will see the Experiment in Duality as a great achievement of which we can be divinely proud. But, proud of what? What did we come to learn?

Believe it or not, we created duality to learn more about love. Yes, the purpose of the experiment was to expand our capacity for unconditional love. While many people find this idea challenging, even ridiculous at first, remember to hold open the possibility that what I have to share might be true before discarding it.

Book Description

Book Description:

The steps to achieving Oneness can be confusing. The misperception that duality, separation, and polarity are the same has kept many people stuck on their spiritual journey. Discover 5 beliefs that might be blocking you from remembering who you are and standing in your power as a creator.

Marsha Hankins is an expert at helping people identify the beliefs that create separation and block the experience of Oneness. In this book, she shares from her 18 years of experience as a teacher and spiritual facilitator, and from her personal journey toward spiritual mastery.

To find our power as spiritual beings we must identify and change the beliefs that have created the illusion of who we are. The concepts of separation, duality, and polarity have been confusing, but they do not have to be.

5 False Beliefs about Duality is the first in a series of books about the limiting beliefs that block humanity from healing and remembering who we are. In this book you will learn:

  • What false beliefs are and how they keep you going in circles
  • How duality, separation, and polarity are different and why that is important
  • Why duality feels real and how to change that perception
  • How to release judgment and find inner peace
  • How to step out of denial and find your true power

The spiritual path is simple, but it is not always easy. This book will help you move into a greater sense of Oneness and take a giant leap toward experiencing Pure Joy.

Get 5 False Beliefs about Duality today and remember who you are.

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