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Devotion to Self as Source

Devotion is a sacred state of being. It is loyalty and dedication to what is important to you: family, friends, work, religion, beliefs, and yourself. Devotion to others and to your ideals is important. The time and energy you dedicate to others is how you demonstrate love, compassion, and caring.

But, are you showing devotion to yourself? Are you nurturing yourself? Are you investing as much time and energy to your spiritual evolution, to yourself as Source, as you need to be?

Managing time is not always easy is this busy world. I have often recommended that people schedule time each day that is dedicated to themselves no matter what. My friend Marjo Star has her telephone alarm set for a specific time each night for self-care. No matter what she is doing, she stops to take care of herself and do her practices.

However, the bigger question is, how sincere are you in devotion to yourself? You cannot merely go through the motions. Self-Love is an essential component of self-devotion.

Dedicate August to self-devotion, devotion to yourself as Source. Remember that you are pure love and pure divinity. Remember that you are important and worthy. Ask for guidance in how to best honor yourself and your spiritual process. Do not let anything stand in the way of loving and caring for yourself.

You are Source. You are precious and deserving of all good things. Source is, and always has been, devoted to you. Allow self-devotion and complete the circle of power.

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