We can all be manipulated, and probably too easily. We can fall for the silver-tongued devil, the slick conman, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the not-so-honest tales from family and friends who have personal agendas. People should be wiser, but it is not always easy to learn the truth and sort through our emotions.

What do we need to know to hold our truth? What does a picture of a plum have to do with being manipulated?

What is the Difference between a Dried Plum and a Prune?

If you are my age, you know there is no difference. A prune is a dried plum. However, many Americans do not know that.

Not long ago, prune sales were declining because the younger generation thought they were old fashioned. After all, their grandparents ate prunes. Then, a savvy marketer came up with the idea of labeling them dried plums instead of prunes. Amazingly, sales began going up again. It was simple marketing manipulation. I have noticed that most packages of prunes now include both prunes and pitted dried plums on the labels, giving us both sides of the story. But how often do we really get all sides of a story?

It is challenging to get all the facts, whether it is a story from family and friends or national and international news. People have their personal viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs that affect their perceptions, memories, and how they tell a story. You also need to consider the underlying motivation for their version.

  • Is the information they are sharing accurate and complete?
  • Are they sharing the real facts or opinions?
  • How good is their memory? Scientific studies tell us most people’s memories are not nearly as good as they want to believe.
  • How might their perceptions be influenced by other sources?
  • Have they shared everything they know, or are they holding back?
  • Are they honestly trying to be truthful, or are they intentionally manipulating?

Now we are back to it is simple but not easy.

How do You Stop Being Manipulated?

A master is accepting but not foolish. Some years ago, I had a student who decided she would believe whatever her friends told her because she thought Divine Acceptance meant accepting everything people told her as true. I explained that accepting who people are at any moment without judgment does not mean you can trust everything they tell you to be accurate. A master is compassionate and understanding, but also wise.

You have both common sense and psychic skills. Use them. Learn to ask good questions and go to your soul, yourself-as-Source, for verification of truth and accuracy.

  • Have you researched and fact-checked what you can?
  • Are you searching for all sides of the story?
  • Do you want to accept the story because it is what you want to hear or because it is true?
  • Have you gone to your soul for verification?
  • Have you asked your soul: How honest are they trying to be? How accurate and complete is this information? What, if anything, do I do with this information?

You are Source. You have access to unlimited knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge. Like the plum in the photo, cut the story open and look at what is inside. Seek truth within yourself and from others. Be the true spirit of love, honesty, and light.


Image by Ulrike Leone from pixaby.com