I don’t know. How many times have you given that response when asked how you feel, what’s wrong, or what you need? It’s a common response, but it’s not true because you do know–you just don’t want to say it. Bummer.

I Don’t Know…Really?

In 2011, the USA Network ran an interesting television program called Necessary Roughness. The main character, Dani Santino, was a psychologist working for a professional football team helping players sort out their problems. The show had the usual television dramatic storyline, but it also had some great lessons in psychology.

The first season, Dani spent most of her time with the players. In the second season, however, she recognized that she was having troubles herself and went to one of her old professors for help. In one of those sessions, her professor asked her a tough personal question. With a confused look on her face, she answered, “I don’t know.” The professor responded, “What did I teach you I don’t know means?” Her eyes got big and she said, “I don’t know means I don’t want to tell you.”

There it is. I don’t know means I don’t want to tell you. Even more importantly, it usually means I don’t want to tell myself.

I Don’t Want to Tell Myself Either

Introspection, self-analysis, is not easy. However, anyone who wants to heal the discord in his or her life must go through the process. The process of looking at what we do not want to look at is a critical piece of the spiritual process. We cannot heal what we continue to deny whether using spiritual processes or tradition therapy. That is just the way it is.

The good news is that 98% of what we need to heal in our spiritual evolution will heal with consistent energy practices. Do daily Standing in the Light® practices or Reiki or Magnified Healing or any other energy process that is working for you. Consistency is the key to great progress.

What about the other 2%? That is the part you have to tell yourself no matter how hard it is. Those are the issues that need to come to your conscious awareness, or they will not heal.

Like most people, I spent my early years ignoring my issues and looking to others as the reasons for my ills. In my 30s I developed a desire to understand who I was and why I was that person. I began to study psychology and seriously acknowledge my stuff–not someone else’s stuff but my stuff. As my inner world changed, I was able to see others with more understanding and compassion. But more importantly, I began to feel more peace and joy in life as I owned and let go of what I had been hiding from myself.

Be Fearless!

The willingness to face my issues served me well when I awoke to myself as a spiritual being and began spiritual facilitation. I understood that I could not hide from my truth and had to face my darkness and my fears head-on. I had to own my stuff, forgive it, and move forward. The only way to the light is to walk through the dark despite the fear. It is, after all, just an illusion.

I am still working on some issues because I have not yet finished this life. However, I still try my best to bring everything to the surface and face it head-on. I am the master; I am the light; I am the power to heal it all.

No matter if your fears are of your light or your dark, they are illusions. Remember, FEAR is False Ego Appearing Real. Don’t say I don’t know because you are afraid to look. Be fearless and go for it. You are the master; you are the light; you are the power to heal it all.


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