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The Parable of the Sand Castles

Some children were building sand castles beside a river. The sand castles were many sizes and shapes but each child defended his castle fiercely and said, “This one is mine.” They kept their castles separate and would not allow any mistakes about which was whose. When...

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Mastering Peace and Joy – The Next Octave

I am still mastering peace and joy. I know that may be hard to believe but it is true which is why these are my two resonances of focus again. Each year I recommend that you ask your souls for two primary resonances, the ones most important to you for the coming year. In 2017, my two primary resonances were Divine Peace and Pure Joy. In 2018, they were Unconditional Love and Divine Mercy. Once again, I will be focusing on peace and joy.

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The Buddhist Parable of Abuse

A man learned that the Buddha observed the principle of great love which returns good for evil, kindness for abuse. Believing this was ridiculous and unjust, the man went to the Buddha to chastise him for his foolishness.

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Making Transitions at Any Age

2019 will be another year of making transitions. Some of them will be small and some will be very big. Many people believe that transitions are hard. While transitions can be challenging, they do not have to be difficult unless we believe they do, even the big ones. What we believe is what we create. When we embrace transitions as steps in our evolution and surrender to the changes, making transitions can mean exciting new adventures.

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Keep on Truckin’

That’s right… just keep on truckin’. My last post was a Zen parable about over eagerness but, at the same time, we have to keep trying. Even though we need to surrender to and detach from the journey, we humans can become very frustrated with our spiritual process.

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