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Know Only Love

Love Yourself Simply Because You Are

Because you are, this is all you need to know to love yourself because you are a glorious child of Source. The 3rd-dimensional world teaches us that love requires reasons. It asks, what have you done to deserve love? After all, what you do is what you are, right? No, no, no!

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The Parable of the Small Frog

A small frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a long time. The frog was born and brought up there. It was all he knew. One day, another frog that lived in the sea came upon the well. The frog in the well asked the newcomer, “Where do come from?” The traveler replied, “I am from the sea.”

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A Mountain Cannot Be Your Guru

A mountain is a wonderful place to relax, meditate, connect. So is an ocean or a lake or forest. However, these beautiful places cannot be your guru, your master teacher. Yes, nature can teach us great things and it is important that we spend time alone in magnificent places, but running away from the world is not the road to mastery.

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Memorial Day Is for All Warriors

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who died in active military service–our soldiers. Americans honor this day with flags and parades, photos of those lost, and loved ones still here. Other countries also have versions of a remembrance-day because every country since the beginning of time has suffered through war and loss.

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The Parable of Ten Dollars

One day, a merchant set out on a short trip to collect a debt of ten dollars from a man living several miles away. After paying a boatman five dollars to take him across a river, the merchant was unable to find the man and had to pay another five dollars to make his way back home.

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Don’t Say I Don’t Know

I don’t know. How many times have you given that response when asked how do you feel, what’s wrong, or what you need? It’s a common response, but it’s not true because you do know–you just don’t want to say it. Bummer.

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