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Today, I’m on an Adventure

Recently I picked a drawing book off the shelf just to have some fun with creating. Do not mistake me for an artist. I just like to draw and am not very good at it. In reading the book I found something that warmed my heart and falls right in line with my philosophy…

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No Bad Trails

If you have not been to Lake City, CO, I recommend you put it on your travel agenda. Lake City is a delightful little town of just over 400 people in the mountains of Colorado that offers hiking, biking, boating, fishing, four wheeling and more. When we arrived there…

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Dance with The God/Goddess

Before we left for our current camping trip, I had the most delightful experience. We have many flickers in our neighborhood and I always enjoy watching these beautiful woodpeckers. Many of my neighbors bemoan their presence but I find them divine. One day I looked…

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Living in a House of Mirrors

Have you ever been to a fair or an amusement park and played in the House of Mirrors? The House of Mirrors is a fascinating place. Every direction you turn you see yourself and each mirror gives you a different view of yourself. No matter how silly you look…

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