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Your Home is Where Your Heart Is

Your Home is Where Your Heart Is

Where is your home? If home is where the heart is, where is your heart? Where is your truth?
Full-time life on the road is interesting. It’s not for everyone. We have no “home” in the traditional sense. We do not go back to a house, apartment, or condo to spend time. Instead, we rent a room and have our belongings in storage. When required, we return to our home-base to take care of business and hit the road again.

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Mastering Christ Consciousness

Mastering Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness was the topic of the channeling I did for the February issue of the Standing in the Light® newsletter. For those of you who do not subscribe to SITL, I am posting these opening words for you here. For those who have already seen this, enjoy the second time around. The energies of 2020 are designed to help us make huge leaps forward in our evolution. Let’s embrace this opportunity to be all that we are.

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Living Divine Wisdom in 2020

Living Divine Wisdom in 2020

Wisdom is our goal, not knowledge. Knowledge is the realm of the mental body and the lower-self. Wisdom is the realm of the higher mind and the soul. Knowledge is important and it is an essential step into wisdom. However, understanding how to use knowledge for the highest good is true wisdom. I recently read this passage from The Gnostic Gospel edited by Marvin Meyer and Willis Barnstone and I felt it was worth sharing.

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