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A New Year’s Challenge from Spirit

A New Year’s Challenge from Spirit

I’ve never been guided to make a New Year’s challenge. Each January I ask you to check with your soul on the one or two primary resonances for your focus during the coming year. These are very personal because we are at different places in our processes with a variety of different needs. However, every human being on the planet will benefit and take huge leaps forward if choosing to take on Spirit’s challenge.

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Are You Stuck in Sensitivity?

Are You Stuck in Sensitivity?

People around the planet are becoming overly sensitive. My best view, of course, is what is happening in the USA. Americans are not only having their buttons pushed-they are pushing back with a vengeance. Both sides of any equation are hypersensitive to the point of extreme intolerance. Religion, politics, gender, race, and more are stretching us to our limits.

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Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow

The ancient wisdom of Chuang is simple. We understand that simple does not necessarily mean easy. However, when we master this level of flow, we can maintain peace and confidence no matter what comes our way.

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A Simple Life is a Good Life

A Simple Life is a Good Life

My husband and I live a simple life, and we love it. A simple life is not a poor life. It is a life that is not complicated by having too many things or too much to do. Years ago I learned to live simply and joyfully by letting go of things I did not need or enjoy. That level of detachment made it easy to live the life we do now–a life of simplicity, joy, and ease.

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