I was listening to Go Through It by Griffin House a few days ago and I thought…oh how true. His is a love song but the core applies to many things in life, especially our healing process.

I don’t really feel like talkin’ right now,
There’s gotta be another way around somehow…
[but] I know it’s true.
You can never get around,
What you gotta go through.

Donna’s Walls

In Standing in the Light®, we talk about clearing our walls, buttons, and mirrors. Our walls are those fears we are afraid to face. I have shared the story that Donna B. told in class but some of you have not heard it.

Donna’s soul is marvelous at using dreams to bring her issues to her attention. One night, Donna dreamed she was standing in the countryside facing a huge wall that she was afraid to break through. She heard a voice behind her, turned around, and saw an angel on a bulldozer. The angel said, “Try this.”

Donna jumped on the dozer and plowed through the wall. However, she found another wall behind it. She drove the dozer through it and found another wall! Donna continued the process until there were no more walls. She turned around expecting to see miles of rubble behind her but saw pristine countryside instead. The fears that created her walls were just illusions. When she was brave enough to go through them, the illusions disappeared.

You Can Go Through It

We all have fears to face. If we try to ignore them or find a way around them without dealing with them, the walls get higher and thicker. Because lessons are repeated until learned, we are much better served by facing our fears sooner rather than later. We cannot change the law of attraction so take a deep breath and go for the wall.

As 2019 comes to an end and you are looking to your 2020 vision and goals, remember the words of Griffin House, “You can never get around, what you gotta go through.” Resolve to face your fears head-on. Follow your guidance on what to clear and how to handle each situation in the outer world. You can do it. You can go through it. Just keep remembering who you are.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year.

Photo from pixaby.com