I recently heard a great line on a television show, “They say youth is wasted on the young but I believe that wisdom is wasted on the old.”1

The point was that the wisdom of the elders is most often ignored by the young. When we are young, we tend to think we know it all and can’t believe that those who have gone before us know what they are talking about. Sound familiar?

We have all been there, trying to sort out what we want to do versus what we need to do. Both solicited and unsolicited wisdom can fall on deaf ears. How do we sort standing in our power versus feeling we are being told what to do?

So Much Wisdom to Seek

Speaking from personal experience, growing up is a challenge, to say the least. Once we get through our teenage years, we have to deal with going out into the world—hopefully, growing up, and functioning successfully.

After we awaken to who we are on our spiritual path, the process starts all over! First, we are spiritual infants, then spiritual adolescents, spiritual adults, and, eventually, spiritual masters. We read, we study, listen to teachers, and we have to sort through either following divine wisdom or being blocks by lower-self desires.

So, this week I have been asking myself, “Have I been ignoring important spiritual wisdom?” I found some room for improvement in my process, so I also asked, “What do I need to do?”

If you want to try this exercise, ask your soul, the same questions. You may be guided to do more meditation, yoga, or energy work. You may also be guided to retake a class, buy a new book, reread an oldie goldie, or have a facilitated session to help get back on track.

My goal is to stay 100% on target, not just moving in the right direction but headed for the bull’s eye. If you share that goal, search for Divine Wisdom ad follow it.

Keep shining, Beloveds.


Image by Kon Karampelas from pixaby.com

1 “The Blacklist,” on NBC