We would love for keeping the faith to always be easy but we know it is not. Our human experience presents many challenges and difficult times. However, as evolving spiritual masters we need to remember who we are and keep persevering through what we create.

No One Said It Would Be Easy

When we volunteered to come into the Experiment in Duality, no one said it would be easy. We entered this system on planet Earth to stretch our abilities, to learn more about who are as unlimited beings, to go where no beings had gone before. And, we are in this together. Whether we are creating individually or collectively, we are part of the system. We are One.

Keeping the faith means several things. It means holding Divine Hope that everything is good in the long run because everything we experience and everything we learn moves us closer to Oneness and final Ascension. It means embracing that nothing happens to us because everything happens for us so that we can become masters. Keeping the faith also means stepping into our power of creation. We are the power to create our present and our future. Our past experiences and beliefs do not have to be our future experiences and beliefs. We must step into our power as Source.

No matter what the outer world brings to us, we are the masters of our creations. If we are drawn into any situation, there is a reason. Those who understand as within, so without, will use each challenge for spiritual growth by identifying the walls, buttons, and mirrors, clearing the discord, healing with resonances, and asking for appropriate action steps. Nothing in our lives is “bad” even if it is challenging.

Keys to Keeping the Faith

Put on your spiritual master’s hat and face life’s challenges by remembering these key divine truths.

  • Like energy attracts like energy. We are drawn into places and circumstances based on who we are in each moment. Because like attracts like, everything has a purpose for us. Stand in your power and accept your truth.
  • Everything we create is to help us move into full mastery, our full spiritual truth.
  • This world is an illusion. We are to use it for what it can teach us but it is not our reality. This illusion can be a playground or a house of horrors. The decision is up to each of us.
  • There are more lifetimes to come. Each life is only one step in our journey back to our divine home. Everything in creation must move from birth to growth to decline to death. We can choose to accept this cycle or fight it. Either way, we will each get more chances to perfect our light.
  • We are volunteers for each other in each life–for what others can learn from us and for what we can learn from others.
  • We are in this together. A master pays attention and sees the highest plan for all.
  • Out of chaos, out of hardship, can come great rewards.
  • We choose to see the glass as half empty or half full. We choose to see opportunity or loss.
  • In healing ourselves, we heal the whole.
  • Follow guidance on how to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Create from the light, not from the dark.

Hold tight to who you are in both the best and the worst of times. You are strength, you are beauty, you are unlimited power. Stand strong and keep the faith.


Image by My pictures are CC0 from Pixabay