Because you are, this is all you need to know to love yourself because you are a glorious child of Source.

The 3rd-dimensional world teaches us that love requires reasons. It asks, what have you done to deserve love? After all, what you do is what you are, right? No, no, no!

Do not love yourself because of what you are. Love yourself simply because you are. Divine Love is simple. Do not complicate it.


Be Your Love, a Poem by Jerelli


To love one’s self
To accept her flaws instead of thinking out why she’s helpless
Know that you are amazing
in you; you can find love
when you treat yourself better
you also treat yourself with the
love and care you deserve
Know that you are stronger
than any storms
and that we all
have different battles that we are facing
in our life every day
But know that we can get through this
And learn to be mindful with the present
And step by step
begin to be grateful for yourself,
for the air that you breathe, for the food that you eat,
for the people that love you,
for the nature that nourish
you to flourish.
And be your kind of love
because you do this for yourself
to accept, to love,
and to embrace who you are
because you deserve
the right treatment
to be your uniqueness.

Be your love
give and receive love from yourself
because we need the right proper care and love
that we also owe to ourselves
because we sometimes forget to do this thing from ourselves.

Self-love is important
to give to yourself.


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