Summer is winding down but that does not mean playtime should be, too. No matter how old or how busy we are, we all need our playtime.

Our Summer in Utah

Many of you know that my husband and I travel full-time in our 24’ camping trailer. We explore new places and meet new people. We work and we play.

This summer we spent two months in areas of Utah that were new to us. We started down at St. George, UT and moved up through Fish Lake National Forest, the Manti-La Sal and Uinta National Forests, and into Twin Falls, ID. The campgrounds were filled with local people, most of whom kept asking, “How did you find this place from Colorado? No one ever comes here!” We made new friends and had a great time. Exploring is one of the things we love to do.

Most of our playtime consists of hiking, reading, and chatting around a campfire. We love the forests, the wildflowers, and the water shores. Everyone would not like our version of play. We have to find what fills our hearts as we balance playtime with work and family.

The Energy Triangle for a Balanced Life

A balanced life is a spiritual life. The American lifestyle does not focus enough on self-care and playtime. We are raised to focus on work and taking care of others. Yes, these are important aspects of life but we must each find the balance of taking care of ourselves, our service, and our family and friends. And, guess what? Self comes first! If we do not nurture ourselves, we do not have the energy or mental focus to take care of our work or of the people who are most important.

Each of the three areas of balance – self, service, family and friends – requires dedicated time. However, playtime can overlap with other areas. For some people, their work feels like play. Certainly, playtime can include with the time we spend with family and friends.

I first learned the Triangle for a Balanced Life in 2000. Since that time, I have strived to maintain my energy balance. Even though I am now semi-retired and travel full-time with my husband in our small trailer, but I still create a balanced life. I nurture myself and my spiritual growth, I am of service in many ways while I am on the road, and I play.

What Does Your Playtime Look Like?

How is your energy balance? Are you allowing enough time to play?

  • What makes you laugh?
  • What gets you excited?
  • Do you like time alone or do you want to be more social?
  • What have you not done in years that would be fun?

Whatever your play looks like, make it a priority and have a blast. Don’t let summer slide into fall and winter without allowing enough playtime. This life is too short not to be enjoyed. Laughter and play are part of a spiritual life. Be the master that you are and go have some fun!

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