What is true light? In my last post, I shared the song “We Are The Light” by the group Unspoken. As you take your light into the world, remember what it truly is.

A Hindu Parable

There was a Hindu priest who wanted to share true light with the world. He was well versed in the Vedas and considered no one equal to his knowledge or debate. He decided to teach others by carrying a lighted torch. When someone asked why he carried the torch, he replied, “The world is dark and I carry this torch to light the world as much as I can.”

One day he met an ascetic sitting in the marketplace and shared his reason for carrying the torch. The ascetic told him, “My Friend, you are blind to the true light so do not call the world dark. You cannot see because you do not understand. Your torch adds nothing to the glory of the true light and your intention to illuminate the minds of others is both futile and arrogant.”

“Where is this light of which you speak?” the priest asked.

“The light is glory in the scriptures. It is the wisdom in your heart and in your mind,” replied the ascetic. “That is the illumination everlasting. The light is not out there. It is in here,” said the ascetic touching his heart. “Without understanding and faith in this truth, one cannot find enlightenment and eternal bliss. Put down your torch and seek the true light.”


Photo by Jill Wellington from pixaby.com