A stupid man went to dinner at another man’s home.

He complained that the food was bland so the host added a little salt.

The man found it better and added even more salt.

Later, he ate just plain salt on an empty stomach and became very ill.


What Did Buddha Mean by the Stupid Man?

Just because something tastes or feels good in small amounts does not mean that more is better.

One of Buddha’s examples was of the monks who found five to seven days of fasting to be of benefit and, therefore, decided that ten to fifteen days of fasting would be even better. Like the stupid man who ate salt, the monks not only became fatigued, they began to feel ill. The monks did nothing to forward their enlightenment.

We can all probably come up with other examples of activities and beliefs that sound or look good on the surface but are not moving us forward as much as we might believe. Sometimes we need to take big leaps and sometimes baby steps are the best path.

Is there something in your life that is stealing your time and energy instead of enriching you? Remember, the stupid man. More is not always better. Sometimes the mental body can get the best of us. If we always go to our guidance, we will always choose wisely.


Image by Philipp Kleindienst from pixaby.com