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Many Changes Ahead

These are definitely changing times–for individuals, for nations, and for the planet. We know that change can be exciting and fun. We also know it can be frustrating and stressful. Some changes will fill you with joy and others will fill you with fear. So, be ready and accept the process.

Of the many changes ahead, some will be perceived as beneficial, some as crazy or ridiculous, and others as harmful. No matter what you perceive, you must keep the faith. There is divine order no matter what it may look like on the outside. There is a divine plan for our evolution, individually and collectively. You must maintain Divine Trust.

Trust will not always be easy because change is coming more rapidly. Over the decades, the pendulum has swung slowly from right to left to right in an attempt to find balance. But now, time is moving more quickly as the frequencies go higher. This translates into faster changes which will be uncomfortable for most people.

Do not be fooled by the outer world appearances of good and bad. Things are seldom as they seem. Seize the opportunities for clearing, healing, and letting go of the illusion, and remember who you are.

Allow change to flow as a natural part of creation. Know that you are Source. Trust in your light and the path for humanity. Ask for the guidance to discern the benefits of all that is coming–what you perceive as good and what you perceive as not so good. Fill with Divine Purpose and, above all, hold Love.

Remember that we are creating together and that nothing happens to us–everything happens for us. We are creating Heaven on Earth. We are all going Home, even if it is a bumpy ride.

I AM Marsha

We Are Source


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